A doggy lunch at The Quince Tree cafe

You’re catching up, Rusty!Time to celebrate with a doggy lunch.

We celebrated Rusty’s birthday at The Quince Tree cafe in the Clifton Nurseries.Happy Birthday Rusty!Time to blow out the candle …

And for us to have our cupcakes!Oh! But the hoomans have more than us! Rusty saying, “But it’s my birthday! How come you guys get all the good stuff?”And Mum listened to Rusty’s rationale and he had some beef from he beef pie and some mash.After lunch we walked around Clifton nursery
And checked out the gift shops. Rusty said, “What did you put on my head?This is all rather normal for me …And then came on the antlers – though Rusty’s looked more like a menorah on his head!Oh well, mine was a lot bigger! And George! You definitely need those glasses!What a lovely way to celebrate Rusty’s birthday!

May’s comment:

A little oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Quince Tree cafe is located within the Clifton Nurseries – a plant nursery with a range of outdoor furniture, gardening accessories and lovely gift shops. Scrumptious food!

At 5A Clifton Villas, Little Venice, London W9 2PH

Added to our Wine and Dine List

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  1. Lucca

    Happy. Birthday Rusty
    Sorry I couldn’t make it
    Lots of love Lucca Xxx

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