To All Cockapoos, With Love

The day finally arrived when we were all at the Gaucho Hampstead for our very own Cockapoo Valentine!

IMG_6743The lovely Dasha Hugg captured our memorable fun-filled day on film and we say THANK YOU!

And we say Thank you to Gaucho Hampstead for letting us cockapoos and our humans to all enjoy a lovely afternoon.

May’s comment: Dasha has done some really lovely work for us. Check out her website. Dasha Hugg


  1. Melody

    Fabulous video – you are very very talented Dasha.
    Shame I missed this one but please do another one this year and will definetly be there looks like a great day (especially if your Cockapoo crazy)

  2. Wonderful video! Even though my little Rusty isnt in it xx

  3. Liz

    How absolutely fantastic it looks!! Well done May and Miss D for organising such an amazing day xxx

  4. Tracey

    That was fabulous! It bought tears to my eyes and made me laugh out loud.
    The lovely treat lady certainly was a favourite for all the poos – she had a huge following!!

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes, she was a very popular lady! So glad she didn’t mind all those poos jumping up at her!

  5. Great Video and well behaved poos …looks like much fun was had by all 🙂

  6. Fiona Weller

    Such a lovely video , and caught a glimpse of Lulu in there with all the other gorgeous poos♡ Hope we can have another meet, thank you for organising such a treat 😀

  7. Lola Simon

    What a fab video !! I was excited to see a glimpse of me walking in !!! Cant wait for the next one !!!
    Thank you for organising such a fun afternoon. xx

  8. It looks like a fantastic event, and what happy, relaxed dogs! Great to see some we knew as well 🙂

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