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You are my Happy!

It’s been two and a half years ago since our friend Dasha Hugg made this video for us. It seems like so much time had passed. Read more…

Come Together!

A few days before Little Tyke flew back to Thailand, our friend Dasha and wonderful photographer came to take photos of us – The Band of Four.   Read more…


Our Happy Cockapoo video was one of the winners of Honey’s Real Dog Food competition! Hooray!

May’s comment: Thank you, Dasha for making such a fun, fun, fun movie of us happy cockapoos!

Me and Little Tyke make our magazine debut

Just before Christmas, we were told about this feature spread on cockapoos in Dogs Today February issue. Read more…

Life is just better …

Dasha made this short movie for us – capturing a happy moment of being together again!

May’s comment: What can I say …1970801_763188443715074_5283924058573118709_n


Being Miss Darcy

In my three years in the human world, I have seen many things and been to a lot of places. But it is the everyday routine that is my life and my two most treasured humans in my life are Mummy and Little Tyke.  This is a story about three friends. Read more…

To All Cockapoos, With Love

The day finally arrived when we were all at the Gaucho Hampstead for our very own Cockapoo Valentine!

IMG_6743 Read more…

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Red Carpet @ Gaucho’s

We had our Red Carpet just before BAFTA – so E! couldn’t make it. But Dasha Hugg took photos of our red carpet walk – we in all our natural splendour! Read more…

Two More Weeks!

Counting the days!  15 days till our very own Valentine’s Event at Gaucho Hampstead! Read more…

Hyde Park Cockapoo Club from Dasha Hugg on Vimeo.

We ain’t no hound dogs!

Dasha Hugg came to our Halloween Meet on Saturday and made a video of our get together – and we love it!!! Read more…

One for the Album!

Taken by Dasha Hugg – pet photographer. Beats all the iPhone photos taken by amateurs! Read more…