A January date night with Mr. B!

Baby, it’s cold outside!  And there are no more pretty lights in the windows, no more Christmas carols in the shops, no more ho-ho-ho jolly fellows. It’s almost mid-January.

But we still have friends to see – they keep our spirits up.  It was definitely time for a catch up with Barnaby – after the long spell of each of us doing our own thing over Christmas and New Year’s.

After eating out so much the last month, I invited Mr. B to supper at ours – for a little tete-a-tete by the fireside, – to tell him about the sense of nature and adventure we felt when were in the Arctic Circle. And our hoomans drank a little wine and braved themselves for the rest of winter and the year ahead.

And there’s nothing like having a pesky little brother to interrupt our intimate conversations.I also enjoyed my loving time with JulieUntil Barnaby came to see why I was on his mummy’s lap.But he didn’t  mind – he was happy to share her with me because he knows he will have her all to himself when they leave.

May’s comment: January blues can set in very easily if one doesn’t keep busy. I was glad that came Monday, I was off and running – jumped right back into projects, no time to even think about what we have done, what we left.  But the days are still short and we’re in the thick of winter – for at least a few more months.  I felt the cold so much more the first few days back in London than when we were in the Arctic circle!  It’s a different cold, we keep saying – that’s why.

It’s already a couple of weeks ago when we were merry-making and ushering in a new year. Spent the last two days of 2017 with a dear friend pondering and visualising our year ahead. I hope we continue to keep our dreams and may they all be fulfilled. And last night, it was a time of catching up with friends … and it also gave me a chance to relive those amazing memories of Christmas and New Year’s 2017 with Julie.


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    Happy New Year!

  2. Julie James

    I loved my Darcy cuddles! Normally it’s George who is the cuddly one!. Barnaby is just too big and fidgety!

  3. Christine Ellis

    Aw, Darcy, you and Barnaby make a beautiful couple! ❤️💙

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