Saturday night bedtime reading

A friend gave us this book because she thought we’re hopeless with Instagram.Let’s see if we can pick up any tips.

See the light @THOMAS_K – yes, let’s switch on the reading light, pleaseWait, I need my glasses …

Stay focused @SYMMETRYBREAKFAST – yes, I am now, with glasses on.

Tell true Stories @KIKI_SUNSHINE – you mean, no Fake News?

Put yourself in the picture @OVUNNO – I am always in the picture.Turn followers into friends @LILYROSE- now that’s a good one – and we have!!!! That’s where I met my Beau, Barnaby.

Ah, here’s one I can relate to – Paws for Thought by Nala, a cat! @NALA_CATZzzzzzzzz.May’s comment:  That doesn’t help, Miss D!

@MissDarcyandMe has just over 2K followers – a far cry from all these Instagrammers

When we saw the book cover in the window of an enticing Museum store in Oslo, Catarina and I laughed at the title. Then I received the book in the mail – “to help you along,” said the note. We’re that bad? LOL!

Social media is a funny thing – we love it, we hate it. It can be really informative and it can also be in your face. I don’t want to be caught up in it but in some instances it is a necessity. The world has changed. Once upon a time I was in the world of media/advertising.  Today, I would find myself so out of touch if I ever stepped back into that world.

So flipping through this book, with no intention of being believing any of it, there were a few insights – not so much about being famous in Instagram but truths about life in general. These I liked:

Be honest. Be distinctive. @THEDRESSECHEST

Surround yourself with creativity @EDWARDKB

Give in to your impulses @BREADFACEBLOG

Be a straight shooter @MACENZO – like this

Have bursts of enthusiasm @ME_AND_ORLA


Make a difference @CASHCATS

Take a different point of view @THEFELLA

Find your smile @SEJKKO

Listen to yourself @ISABELITAVIRTUAL … in all ways

Have fun! @HOTDUDESWITHDOGS – with life, and especially on social media – don’t take it too seriously! Humour, I’ve found always finds interests.

And this one  “It’s OK to feel sad” @PANYREK. Life is not always a bowl of cherries – “not every day is ‘amazing’.”

The book READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE INSTAGRAM FAMOUS – gives some good advice on what and how to do it. It doesn’t guarantee fame. It makes you less annoying. The one suggestion they made which I think was the best – Comment with care @THATSVAL – someone took the time to post or comment, take the time to appreciate their efforts.



  1. Kathy Shoulders

    I have never understood instagram myself. I like the quotes you took out of it tho. Love the pictures of Darcy but then again I always love seeing pictures of her and George. Thanks for all you do May!

  2. Julie Entwistle

    Miss Darcy is so patient

  3. Margaret Danks

    I can’t work social media that well lol…I just about get by on FB. I like the quote “comment with care”. I read every blog, indeed, they make me smile after a long day at the coalface so to speak, so I like to leave a comment to show appreciation for your efforts May. I think I’ll leave Instagram to the more technically aware lol.

  4. Sian

    Darcy is such a good model! These pics of her are the cutest!!! I love seeing your Instagram pics too!!!

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