A Day in Rye with Dante

After a rainy Sunday, we returned to Rye on Monday to have a better look around when the rain had stopped.

After our run on the beach at Camber Sands, we wandered around the cobbled streets Stopping discreetly while the others walked on – good thing about the cobblestones – you don’t leave an obvious trace.Remember this church – St Mary’s?  We walked around the back of Church Square and saw these medieval houses.And wandered down to see the marshes – where the scallops come in!We had heard all about Scallops Week in RyeAnd all the hoomans had some for lunch!

We walked on to The Mermaid Inn – Rebuilt in 1420?!?!?!  Time for a refurbishment, we think! LOL!  It is rumoured to be haunted. Maybe that’s the reason they do not allow dogs in there – we would probably howl the place down!

Across the street from it was a doorway that said – The House Opposite. Their claim to fame!

And further along there was “The House With Two Front Doors.”I wondered which door we should knock on.

Mummy loved all the quaint little houses along Mermaid Road.

The day before we had lunch at The George and today we had lunch at The Fig.  Must be a well-known dog-friendly spot for lunch as we ran into one of our new-found friends from Camber Sands. Hello Bertie!

We walked on and Dante showed us his favourite Pet Stores – well, he likes all of them.Oh, and see what we saw in a store window!A Cockapoo Club of statuettes! Now, how did they know we were in town?!?!? 🙂

After a walk around town, we stopped for a last cup of tea at Fletcher’s House – a tea room since 1932! Gosh, these places go back a long way! A lot happened here before it even became a tea room.

We met Peter, the owner of Fletcher’s, and very obviously a favourite of Dante’s.Peter bakes the best scones!!!

There were quite a few others, including the hot chocolate bar, Knoopsthat are dog-friendly but we didn’t have the time to go to them. 

Thank you, Dante for a most lovely visit to your new hometown.And we must make mention of how well Dante learnt to pose in just one day …

This was our first attempt

After a few “SITs” we managed a group photo inside the church. It distracted me and Dante was wondering what he needed to do.This was the next day …Voila! We all sat and posed!Well done, Dante! You learnt a new trick! And, ere, can you spot the non-city dog?

May’s comment: Couldn’t think of a better way to discover Rye than with good friends – James, Frank and Dante! But all too soon, we had to leave and it was time to say goodbye.Very tired pups …Zonked!


  1. Cheryl

    What a great town, so glad you had a wonderful time and shared all those photos and great tidbits about Rye! I love the House Opposite! Only in England!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Weren’t those Cockerpoo statuettes precious?

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