Dare we say it?

It’s been a whole month since George’s last episode of sick … oh no, should we not jinx ourselves?

May’s comment: How can one little mutt weighing in at 6 kg eat as much or even more than a cockapoo that weighs 10 kg.

So all his getting sick was he needed more food. But why the change? Ever since he came to us, I had been giving him 100 g of raw meat plus carrots or peas or even mashed potatoes sometimes – and he was fine. Occasionally he got sick.  I was told to give him bedtime biscuits.

And then in January – every single night he was sick.  Sometimes he actually threw up mulch but mostly bile. Someone suggested splitting his dinner and I fed him once regularly and then gave him some more before we went to sleep – but nothing worked – until I increased his intake to 125 g per meal. And I added a heaped teaspoonful of pumpkin puree and after having spoken to a specialist, I sprinkled Foragers from Mr. Slobberchops  on his meal.  I also spoke to Honey’s Real Dog Food and given the history that had been fine all along, they didn’t think it has to be the raw food. But it could help to add some warmed up Beef Bone Broth. That way it could help take away any acidic element from the food.And guess what? He hasn’t been sick at all since then.

Was it the increased amount of food, and not just bedtime biscuits? Was it the pumpkin puree and the Foragers? Whatever it was – I am not changing the “formula” – thank heavens it has stopped. In fact the whole time he was at the House of Mutt he had been fine.

I hope this is the last of any postings about George’s sick!


  1. Jill Keiser

    I am glad you found the perfect formula for George! It was sad to read about his sickness.

  2. Cecilia

    I’m glad George is ok now, I know how you feel, many sleepless nights when mine was sick!

  3. Cheryl

    So glad George is better! So glad you found something that worked!

  4. Ellen

    My dog is 5.7 kg and he can eat anywhere from 200g -400g of raw food a day depending on activity levels. That’s 3.5-7% of his body weight! Often the small ones need to eat more than the recommended 2-3% of body weight. I don’t know why the dog food companies in the UK are so stuck on always saying 2-3% even for the Little dogs. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

    From alfiesblog, but I’ve seen similar elsewear.
    1kg-2kg: 10% of body weight
    3kg-4kg: 7% of body weight
    5kg-8kg: 5% of body weight
    9kg-10kg: 3% of body weight
    11kg and over: 2% of body weight

  5. Sandra Curran

    Glad you have got to the root of George’s problem

  6. Ginger

    Why would he get sick…and not just loose weight?
    Lost my Lucy to pancreatitis

    She would throw up bile….and a lot of it…..from eating meat…..so said the vet

    I hope You have found your answer and All is well

    • Miss Darcy

      I’m sorry to hear about Lucy. 🙁
      George was getting a bit thin – you couldn’t tell with all his fur.
      He had his blood tested recently and they found nothing. He has stopped throwing up now after I’ve increased his food intake.
      Someone gave me an interesting chart and when I converted it, it was right – that though he’s smaller he needs the same amount of food as Darcy!

  7. Margaret Danks

    Tami at Mr SLOBBERCHOPS is wonderful and she really knows her stuff. Met her on a cockapoo walk once and she’s lovely. So glad George is doing well.

  8. Lucy Cronin

    We love George! So glad you found the cure for his sickness. Some mornings Luca throws up bile, but I think it is from chewing & swallowing a piece of his bully stick.

  9. Anne McCormack

    Betsy, my son’s St Bernard, was the very same. Sick every night for over a week. Vet prescribed different things but they thought to give her more food and she’s been fine since. Good job as they’ve also now have a new baby.

    Betsy will eat anything unlike Ben, my cockerpoo. He is very choosy what he eats.

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