Don’t leave home without me!

Yup! That’s what Mummy believes.  So that’s why these days she doesn’t fly as much – as she finds ways to take me with her.  That’s why we’re usually on trains.  Sometimes it can take a very long time to get anywhere!

Even if it’s high speed!


We had a very early morning start – at 06.15 to be precise. We caught a cab to St. Pancras and then a train to Folkestone.

IMG_8919 IMG_8920

The sun was just rising as we arrived – it was that early!


From there we took Folkestone Taxi across the Eurotunnel … so exciting to see signs that says – this way to France.


After a 35 minute tunnel crossing, we came out at Calais and drove onto Bruges – about an hour 20 minutes away. Since we got up so early, we dozed most of the way till we got to Brugges Centrum. There was such a long queue to get into Centrum – well, at least to the railway station and then we took a bus into the heart of Brugges.

It was terribly crowded and to be honest we didn’t really find the Christmas Market we expected. In fact we met someone on the train as we were going to Bath and he told us it was a huge disappointment – and I think we felt the same. Regardless, it was lovely being there – more in next posting!

We wanted to get home early – in time to put Little Tyke to bed – but just as we were leaving Bruges, the wind factor really kicked in and the skies were changing.


We left just in time as the rain started coming down hard and fast. We made good time to Calais again but when we got to the Eurotunnel, we were told our train was overbooked so we were allocated a later train. There was so much confusion and so many people waiting to cross the tunnel – it is after all the 23rd of December. We were told to wait in the Duty Free terminal – and that was the only place Mummy bought something – her Bon Mamman Galette biscuits!

We finally got on the later 17.10 but we did not leave till later – by which time we know we will miss our train from Folkestone West.  For once we wished that train will be late too.

Well, it wasn’t just late, it was cancelled.  All High Speed trains were cancelled due to the weather conditions. So we jumped into the slower train to Charing Cross – but the slower train became the S-L-O-W train – they had to curb the speed limit to 50mph due to strong winds.  And as we got close to London, we were told to get off at the station before London Bridge. It was pouring rain as we took shelter in the station waiting for the next train on a different platform. The next train finally pulled in as everyone trying to get home piled into it. By that time, we had met Lorenzo and his mother – who had a more horrendous journey that we were having. They came from Lausanne this morning and their ferry took them almost four hours to cross!

So at least we were with company which made it easier, I suppose. If we needed to take a taxi, as we were all going in the same direction, we could at least have shared the fare.  So this next train, we found out was not only allowed to go at 50mph but it was a very LOCAL train – it stopped at places we have never heard of. Finally, finally – London was in sight. We arrived at Charing Cross at 20:13 – two hours late and by the time we got into a cab and arrived home, it was more than 14 hours of travel today.

I am knackered and hungry! 🙁

Still, I’d rather be with Mummy than be left at home. Can you imagine??!?!

So let me have my beauty sleep and I’ll tell you about our Brugges visit tomorrow. Night! Night!



  1. Dasha Hugg

    Omg! What a big day you had! I usually spent 20 hours to get me home from London to Russia! I can imagine what you went through.
    Do you have to pay for a seat for Darcy by the way?

    • Miss Darcy

      It costs nothing to take Darcy in the UK trains but the minute you go to Europe, you have to pay 1/2 price of child second class ticket.
      I can’t wait to meet Otis! x

  2. Jocelyn conway

    Dear Darcy
    What a tiring day you had, I on the other hand, after a walk on Primrose Hill, went to the pet parlour for a wash and blow dry, and then spent the afternoon on the couch watching a DVD.
    Hope you hv a lovely Xmas
    Lots of Licks Lucca X

    • Miss Darcy

      Happy Christmas Lucca! Looking forward to seeing you soon – till then wishing you lots of pressies and chomp-chomps! x

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