In Shock

It’s been more than 24 hours since we watched Homeland’s Season 3’s Finale – and (don’t read this if you have not seen Homeland’s Season 3 Finale.)

Mummy cannot believe how Brody died!  So sad.

She loved that scene when Carrie drew him a star – she had thought she would do something like that.

Episode 312

May’s comment: Why do always have to kill off my favourite characters from my Sunday night programmes. First it’s Matthew Crawley and now it’s Nicholas Brody.

Maybe they had injected Brody with some form of chemicals that will keep him alive – so he can come back in Season 4. But then he was never going to live happily ever after with crazed Carrie. How can he possible have a life with the CIA never satisfied nor trust him and the whole of the Middle East wanting to revenge his deed.

Apologies if this was a spoiler for those who have not seen it!

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