Dogs who do Afternoon Tea in London

Yesterday was all about love!

And what better way than to share it with the pooches and hoomans we have got to know over the past years – who have become so much a part of our lives – than with Afternoon Tea.

To celebrate, we headed straight to The Milestone Hotel for Afternoon Tea in London.

Getting cuddles from hooman, Julie
George gets to sit with hooman Martine
George behaved impeccably!
There was Barnaby
We hung out for a little while …
Before pretty Colette appeared
Yes, she’s very cute. She’s a Coton du Tulear
I think Barnaby noticed her
Er, excuse me – I am right there!
I left them to it and decided to sit with Jaffa instead.
Just as well I got out of the way!
They were really into each other! Well, it is what Valentine’s Day is all about!
Ah, and there was Lola on the other side
She wanted a piece of the action
But rather bored by the whole Colette flirting thing going on.
And then came Sydney, a Mi-ki
George looks huge next to Sydney!
Oh look! I think Sydney saw his own reflection.
He couldn’t help thinking how handsome he looked!!!
Finally Afternoon Tea was being served
Oh yes, I like a few things on those plates
What a spread!
There were Furry Chef treats from Love My Human, and Sara also baked us some delicious peanut butter cookies with bacon!
And Martine made postcards for each of us! That’s for Colette and Lola.
I had a painting of myself!
Barnaby’s matched Julie’s sweater!
Sydney – with his cute little nose!
And Boy George!

These are just some examples of the artwork that Rusty’s mum, Martine will be exhibiting at her private show on the 20th February at the Village Vet in St. John’s Woods. We hope you will come along and see her exhibit.

While they were busy showing their postcards by Martine, I decided to check out the Afternoon Tea.

May’s comment:

In a survey, nearly half of those surveyed have planned a Valentine’s Day celebration for their dog, including buying them a new outfit or baking them a special dessert. And so did we!

We decided to celebrate the day with the ones we love – our pooches, at the dog-friendly The Milestone Hotel.

Lola, Colette, Barnaby, Sydney, Darcy, Jaffa, George, Rusty

We had so much fun! The conservatory is perfect for our little gathering – away from the main area and we have the room all to ourselves. Next year we have 14 places to fill!!! 🙂


  1. Best Valentine’s Day ??♥️

  2. Cheryl

    What a fabulous way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day! Good friends, good food and good dogs, life doesn’t get much better!

  3. Tracey & Sydney

    It was a lovely day with lovely fluffies and their doting grown-ups. Can we do it all over!

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