Friday Night Love

Yesterday might have been Valentine’s Day – but love abounds at home.

Our lovely Jaffa has come to stay for TEN days! Woohoo!!!!

Her family has gone skiing and her grandma has gone to Norway (same trip we did two years ago) – and her Aunt has little Mini. Lucky, lucky us!

But we learnt she’s a fiesty little thing. She loves a cuddle and she loves her belly rub. She loves sleeping close to Mum

– don’t worry, I still get my place

and George is still at the end of the bed.

Jaffa wants to sleep next to Mum but when Mum moves a bit too much, Jaffa growls and walks away – annoyed! LOL! Sometimes she jumps off the bed and sleeps on the carpet. Fussy pot!

But in the morning – she’s back for cuddles.

She has the thickest muzzle for a little pooch her size!

And sweet, sweet Jaffa – she is very determined.

May’s comment: It’s Friday night and all is good at our home. Watching Graham Norton with three pooches.

A dream!

This morning’s activities! LOVE!


  1. Liz Burman

    What a lovely way to spend a Friday night. Actually it’s a lovely way to spend any night!!?

  2. Laura

    Oh no Geirge’s Leg again ?

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