I shop in a shopping bag

While George was at the vet having his teeth pulled, a wart removed and blood taken out of him, 

we went about our business for the day … to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, shopped at Liberty’s for some nice smelly oils!  We did all this first as I was allowed in with no questions asked and walking on the leash. After those two things, Mummy had an appointment at the Blink Brow Spa at Selfridges and she knew I needed to be carried – in one way or other.

As soon as we entered Selfridges, the security guards said to Mummy, “The dog must be carried.”

Yup, we already know that.  We’ve done this before a few times.

Mummy lifted me up to walk through the store – getting lots of smiles along the way.But out of sight of the security guards, whenever we stopped at a counter to look for things, Mummy always asked if I could be out down and they never had any problems with that.Mummy was buying lovely scented creams and bath oils which she would be in much need of later in the day when she will be aching from carrying me around for a couple of hours! LOL!The sales lady at Aesop even suggested something for me but Mummy said she had enough to carry – me and all her scents – she said – next time.We had time to kill before her appointment and went to Dolly’s Cafe inside Selfridges for lunch.  And as before, Mummy knew I needed to be in a bag.
So out came “old faithful” – a grass tote bag that Mummy bought when she was in Costa Rica – before she had dogs, but it had become so handy as it is very strong and can carry my weight.I’ve been to many places in this bag!But when Mummy was at the Blink Brow Spa, I had to stay inside the bag and wasn’t going anywhere!

She urged me to lie down in it and relax.It wasn’t the most comfortable of bags to lie in – but there were no other options.Yes, I go shopping in a shopping bag! LOL!

But it served it’s purpose and we did everything we had to do in the day before going to collect George from the vet!

An we are very pleased to say George was not sick last night. Maybe, let’s hope, it was the teeth infection that caused all the sick. That would be an amazing result. We’ll have to see what the vet says in 9 days.

Mummy’s comment: Wonky shoulders at end of day!  Darcy is not that heavy but walking around a department store with her in my arms or in a bag in my shoulder, 10kg can weigh you own!!!

I understand why Selfridges preferred for dogs to be carried – one, it limited the size of dogs. And if they can be carried, they are small and might be stepped on.  Last, but not least, it’s really to prevent dogs having accidents in the store – and when carried, it is also less threatening to those who are wary of them. At least they allow us to bring them in and I got to do  everything on my list without leaving any of them at home!

The other dog friendly department stores in London are Liberty’s of London, Fenwicks and of course the recently reinstated Peter Jones!


  1. Rusty and Martine


  2. Julie James

    Darcy you are such a good girl!

  3. Fiona Donnelly

    I ordered a ruffit back back for my 10kg pup. Best dog carrier out there. We use it extensively in London, particularly on rush hour tubes, when we don’t want her to be trodden on.

    • Miss Darcy

      What size was it? I didn’t think there was one that big. We have one for George who is 5.5kg.

  4. Jackie

    What a lovely day you both had and you were such a good girl Darcy. I hope George recovers from his trip to the vets and that he feels 100% very soon.

  5. Anne

    Darcy you are such a star! I know my two wouldn’t sit in a bag like you 😍

  6. Cheryl

    You are such a good girl Darcy! Hopefully, George is on the road to normal, no more accidents.

  7. Jane Gale

    My daughter works in Fenwicks & loves to see all the doggies, in fact she knows her customers by their doggies names!

    • Miss Darcy

      The next time we’re there – we’ll drop in to say hello! Which dept does she work?

  8. Nancy Koon

    Maybe a big blue Ikea bag would give her a little more room. I use mine to take my clothes to the washing machine in my garage. They’re very roomy!! Glad Georgie is
    better…I’ll bet it was his teeth that made him sick. Poor little guy…big hugs for George!

    • Miss Darcy

      Actually the more space, the less sturdy it is. The bag needs to be snug so she’s held together, and there’s also plenty of room for her to sit. It’s not meant for her to lie in it. 🙂

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