A little less of George

We took George to the vet this morning for a dental cleaning.

He had never liked going to the vet and really wanted to leave, but he was dutifully picked up and handed over to Dr. Arbeid.And his fate was in the vet’s hands.

Apparently small breeds are prone to plaque and tartar – and George is all small breed – so it isn’t unusual for him to have bad breath, Mummy rationalised.  Sometimes stinky breath could also be relate to gastrointestinal problems.

Aha! Could this have something to do with his getting sick on a nightly basis?

Yes, every night. Mummy’s so tired from being half awake all week, all night – being on the alert. Yesterday, Mummy had tried giving him another portion of food at around 9pm last night.  She had timed it that he always seemed to get sick between 2am and 5am – that would be just after 10 hours since supper. Mummy tried giving him another portion of food before bed time and the usual biscuits. But it didn’t work either. He still got sick around 5am this morning.  In fact, she was so paranoid about his puking that she woke up this morning and saw what looked like a damp spot on the bed covers – which has a sheen to it and shouted at George.  He looked so stunned at being shouted at and it woke me up. But she was mistaken – it was just a shadow.  It’s been a long week, so she thought it best to tell the vets about this unusual frequency of him getting sick – but only in the night. They suggested doing a blood test.

Oh, and we told the vet that while George was under, that they might want to have a look at the rather large wart on his back – that was growing.  If they could have a look at it as every person who held him asked what it was – it was that obvious.


After running around all morning and afternoon, we went to pick him up late afternoon.  We were then told he had two teeth removed from the front of his lower jaw as they had an infection.
They did try to clean the stain on his shih-tzu tooth. It was getting quite brown. It looked better now. Mummy wouldn’t have minded if they took out that one but apparently it was strong and well.

And he had three stitches on his back. 🙁They removed the wart and sent it off for a biopsy. 🙁

But his blood tests showed nothing – he’s absolutely fine!

Back home, when they didn’t think he could reach his back to lick the wound, well they were wrong.  His Polo t-shirt came in handy! He was generally fine, did not lose his appetite, but he was whining a lot and wanted to sit on Mummy’s lap.Poor George! Not having a very good time at the moment.

May’s comment: I wasn’t expecting such an outcome!  His breath was foul, but I was used to it. His wart was growing but I guess since he was under we might as well had it removed before it got any bigger and for precaution that it wasn’t anything more than an innocent superficial growth. He tends to have warts – there’s a small one by his neck. He had one on his nose when he first came to me but it disappeared. But to lose two teeth – that was a shock. We’re back at the vets in ten days to remove his three stitches and will have a better discussion then. 🙁

He’s on antibiotics for the gum infection.  They want him to get over this dose and see how his stomach goes for the next ten days before they prescribe something to reduce the acid in his stomach. Let’s hope it’s not another ten days of sick in the night.


  1. Greg

    Heal quickly George!

    Molson and Sable

  2. Rusty and Martine

    Poor George

    Sending love and hugs xxxx

  3. Cheryl

    Oh, poor George! I do hope he feels better soon. Will losing 2 teeth affect the way or what he eats? I do hope you get what’s ailing George at 5 a.m. solved!

  4. Julie James

    Bless him. Poor little chap! I hope he’s not sick tonight for all of your sakes xxx

  5. Elaine Craigen

    Get well soon George! Sending love and licks.xx❤️??

  6. Ruth

    Get well soon George, hope for Mummy’s sake you’re not sick tonight.

  7. Elizabeth Burman

    Aaww poor baby. I wonder if the infection in the teeth could have been causing the upset tum. Hope it all settles down soon, so everyone can get a good nights rest!??

  8. Lucy Cronin

    Poor George! Hope he heals quickly. Goodnight & sleep tight sweet boy.

  9. Cecilia

    Poor Gearge, sending good wishes your way! Hope you and your mommy have a goodnight sleep from now on!

  10. Julie Mcevilly

    Hi George Sorry to hear you are having a few problems at the moment. I’m sure you will soon be sorted. My friends doggie used to get sick like you. His hooman mummy used to give him a ginger biscuit at bedtime and its helping xx

  11. Teresa

    Hope you are feeling better today George

    Ellis & Teresa

  12. Lisa King

    We all love you, George!

  13. Miami Malteses

    Dearest Darcy we have a few tips that may be helpful for Mummy to deal with George’s stomach upset as we have both have similar issues..we found that eating “raw” doesn’t always agree with the enzymes in our little tummies so we were switched to naturally cooked food and stopped having issues. Mummy also brushes/wipes our teeth with special doggie cleaner/paste to keep our teeth from rotting and having foul breath as well as twice a year dental cleanings. Vets love to pull teeth out (they tried with us and our Mummy didn’t let them!l but they might not have been s bad as poor George)and if they pull too many eventually George’s tongue will be hanging out the side of his mouth and it will be very bad for poor George. We hope Mummy will try some of these remedies so George don”t have to be on medication. We send you both lots of love and licks!??

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