It’s a Dog’s Day in Amsterdam

Am I going with you? I AM?!?!?! Yay!

It turned out that today is my day with Mummy. The entourage of excitable children have gone to The Hague to visit Madurodam and since I am not allowed in, it is a waste of a day for us. So Mummy made plans for just us.

The hotel we’re staying in is right by the Nine Streets area – which consists of nine small streets that crosses two canals, a quaint, picturesque area featuring vintage and designer boutiques, plus cozy cafes and restaurants.Almost every store we went to is dog-friendly.And I am allowed to snoop aroundAnd some even have “doggies” in their store.And especially at Koko von Knebel, a dog accessories and lifestyle shopWe have already been there once so I know my way around.And the nice lady always gives me liver treats.Mummy considered trying out their brand of food on me but thought better of it since we’re travelling.But she did buy their cheese treats – to share with George. Our little stack of loot is growing. It was lovely to walk around as there are no parks here for me to go to. This is my exercise while in the city.

Along the way we met quite a few dogs … They came in all sizes! Some sitting by their owners, one was riding in a basket on a bicycle and another running alongside one. But I was the only one today at the Pulitzer Hotel.

We went back for a quick break when the phone rang and Mummy hurriedly got ready to go out again.  And I wondered if she was going to leave me behind. Oh, she’s taking my lead off the hook. YES!!! I’m going with her.

Downstairs in the lobby is Ian, a friend of Mummy’s – whom I have never met before. They last saw each other before I existed in Mummy’s life.  Together we went for lunch at Black and Blue – a short walk away.  It’s been seven years, so they sat and nattered away – catching up.As much as she loves the kids, I think she was really quite pleased to have some quiet time with her friend – and me.

After lunch we have an appointment at the vet for deworming and check-up for my re-entry into the UK. Though it is only a short walk from the hotel, we did walk away from the main tourist attractions and onto quieter streets away from the four big canals. The smaller canals seem prettier as well.

Along the way, we saw some mushrooms being dried in the open.I’ve heard the hoomans talking about some special type of mushrooms that they have here in Amsterdam. I wonder if this is it. We don’t have time to find out – we have an appointment to keep. We arrive at the Dierenkliniek de Jordan on Tweede Goudsbloemdwarstraat, it’s on a street with a long name but easy find, only to find out we are 45 minutes early! Well, Mummy thought it is a good opportunity to go to have apple pie and coffee at the “oldest cafe” in Amsterdam – Cafe Papeneilandon the corner of Prinsengracht and Brouwersgracht.
As we entered the premises we see Rose! At first sight, we thought she has got to be a doodle but upon inquiring, she was a Dutch sheepdog!!!!

Now onto other important things for Mummy – the apple pie!That humble looking pie – came in HUGE servings.And they only served real no-nonsense coffee – so that’s what Mummy had to have which means a very late night for her.

Back at the vet and while waiting for our turn …But nothing seemed to be happening so I thought to check out what’s behind the counter.  I was asked to get on the scale for weighing in time …A hefty 10.50kg. Oops! Well, don’t blame me if I can’t seem to have anywhere to run and exercise. All we did was travel in trains, buses, taxis and walk the city streets. And then it was my turn.

Well, hello! You’re Saskia? I’m Darcy.How’s my heartbeat?Oy! I wasn’t expecting this up my bum.And you’re taking a photo of this?!?!?!And it’s Milbemax time!Well, that’s over and done with. Now I know I can get back into the UK.

It started to rain just a little on the way home – and Mummy quickly put on my jacket! Really? 
As we walked along Prinsengracht, we looked across the canal and saw the long queue of visitors to Anne Fran’s house – a popular tourist attraction. Just then, clip clopping along came the horse-drawn carriage.
All these  sights of Amsterdam.

We’re close to the hotel by now, but thought to try a few more places to see if they are dog friendly – and they are. Maybe it’s just the hotel we stayed in is a bit too uptight about their guests. And the taxis that do not like us.

Walking home we saw this little reminder …

I’ve enjoyed every moment I had with Mummy today.

Tonight, we went for Indonesian cuisine – as one does in Amsterdam. We followed the recommendation of our doggy friend, Bruno. None of the food was suitable for me except for the prawn crackers.Thank you Mummy for including me in everything you did today.

May’s comment:  Just having a day alone with Darcy – doing doggy things.

Koko von Knebel offers lifestyle accessories for dogs located on Reestraat 25 in the Nine Streets area.

Black and Blue restaurant on the small Leliegracht, slightly out of the tourist chaos. A dog-friendly restaurant located at Leliegracht 46.

Sampurna serving traditional Rijsttafel & Sambal-based dishes in a low-lit restaurant. Located at Singel 498, 1017 AX Amsterdam.

Dierenkliniek de Jordaan – the local vet is located at Tweede Goudsbloemdwarsstraat, 19. I always find whenever I go to the vet for Darcy or George’s check-ups when travelling abroad, we always discover a little about the local neighbourhood and the people who live there – not the tourist areas.



  1. Samantha R and Lola (Cockapoo)

    So lovely to read about a Mummy and Darcy day – back to where it all started! Life moves on and that’s great, but every so often it’s a treat to go back to grass roots and remind ourselves how much those moments matter xxxx looks like you both had a lovely day (we will ignore the thermometer moment😂😂) xxx

  2. Rowena

    Ah, what a lovely day!

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