Objet d’art, colours, tiles and lots of chairs

As you know Mummy loves all things interior design and she loves the use and placement of art. So the Pullitzer Hotel is really her cup of tea besides it being dog-friendly. From the moment of arrival, to the right of the entrance there’s a display of flowers – for sale.  And on the other side, the iconic bicycle so much a part of Amsterdam. In the lobby you’re greeted by a happy yellow tufted chair that faces in three directions!
Mummy particularly loved this piece hanging on the far wall of the reception lobbyShe thinks I look veery good next to it.

But there’s just beautiful pieces of art at every turn.Not just in the lobby but on every floor – everywhere!This at the restaurant (which I am not allowed to go to)Mummy also love this juxtaposition of modern and antique pieces – in the blue and white themeAnd figurines in the hallway of our floorDownstairs in the public spacesAnd so many chairs or benches – maybe to allow guests to sit and appreciate the art – but the chairs themselves are art pieces. Or just to sit and ponder.About how lucky we are to be able to stay in a place such at this.And things to reflect uponMummy thought it was lovely their use of tiles for signage … Shows the thought that had gone into the design of this hotel.There are quite a few courtyards and this is where the kids play or sit and be totally engrossed with their iPads and iPhones – not quite appreciating what’s around them. But it kept them occupied.

Objet d’art, bold colours, use of tiles and lots of chairs – that’s how we will remember the Pulitzer Hotel.

We have enjoyed our stay which made being in Amsterdam so much easier – with the entourage of kids.And this is a find because there not so many dog-friendly hotels in the centre of Amsterdam.

Thank you for my personalised pillow case and bag of treats. And thank you for the bed though I really didn’t use it. I’m used to sleeping on the throw at the end of the bed.Besides I have to snuggle up to my hoomans.May’s comment: The last time I stayed at The Pulitzer, I didn’t have a dog. I was on a business trip from Milan. It must have been more than twenty years ago. It had remained my favourite hotel in Amsterdam. Many, many years later I am back with an entourage of friends, kiddies and a dog! How unexpected!

It wasn’t easy finding hotels in central Amsterdam that’s dog friendly. I prefer to stay in boutique hotels and the last time I stayed at The Toren – with two dogs! It was a little crammed and actually small boutique hotels would not work with three highly active kids. So I was happy to discover that The Pulitzer is dog-friendly though they do charge a hefty sum of 50 Euros per night for “daily deep cleaning” – which was challenged and they were understanding – besides the fact that cockapoos hardly moult and she doesn’t smell. My room was left a lot cleaner than the ones with kids!!!!!

Besides the restaurant and bar, dogs are allowed in the public areas – lobby, there’s a little cafe in the lobby for snacks and drinks, the courtyard.

The concierge warned us about the Amsterdam taxis of not being dog-friendly and they were right. There’s great difficulty in finding taxis who would take dogs – sadly, so we appreciate those who do.

The Pulitzer Hotel is a maze of 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses featuring tranquil inner gardens including a garden cafe which is dog-friendly. Hidden amongst the city’s iconic canals, it is located on Prinsengracht 315-331, 1016 GZ Amsterdam.

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