A Farm House Getaway

We’ve hardly been here when Mum was already sorry she did not opt to stay longer …

Given the House rules, no photography in the public areas – just in case you catch one of the “celebs” – we can’t show you the lovely barns, the shops and restaurants. So all we can show is our lovely little cabin which is just a tad bigger than our Christmas hideaway.

Mum knew there’s a no photography rule in the public spaces so she was careful – and only after arriving at the cabin did she confirm with the staff it was ok to take pics of the cabin and views from it. LOL!

View outside our cabin

Arriving at Charlbury by train, we were picked up by a taxi and drove through the quaint village and the English countryside till we arrived at the Farm House where we were dropped off by the arrival area. We were then driven, along with others checking in to the Reception which means there wasn’t a parking lot in sight where we stayed.

Check-in was at 4pm, so we sat at the Mill Bar where dogs and children are allowed. Of course Mum had her Afternoon Tea while we waited. After checking in, we were then driven through the property to our cabin. It was only a short distance.

As we enter, there’s a kitchenette – and immediate cosiness!
Look Mum! There’s some bread and granola for breakfast!
Entering our cabin … a roaring fire. Aha! We know how to make a fire – learnt that from our Christmas hols.
Our cabin
There’s a bed and two bowls. You always know when a place is clued in about dogs. There will always be two empty bowls – to allow for water and food. In places where they are not really into dogs, there’s usually just one token bowl. And often it’s filled with dog treats which I think its amazing but Mum runs to get it before I could and then empty it out. 🙁
Our huge lovely bed

Just outside, pastures green for relief

Oy! This is why there’s a no photography policy!!!!
An outside bathtub – Mum’s tempted …
And when you do, maybe I just might have a camera too.

Mum went off to dinner – where dogs were not allowed …

I stayed in the cabin
Just chillin’
I think we like it here.

When Mum came back, she took me out for our moonlight walk along the lit paved paths, as in you don’t have to get all muddy!

Photo taken with NightCap – trailing a new App!
Taking in the beauty – and being grateful to be able to enjoy this.
And it’s a goodnight from us.
Are we going to bed yet?

May’s comment: Our last two getaways have been on farms and in rustic cabins. Though this one is “luxuriously” larger than our American log cabin over Christmas – both provided a place of refuge.

Love the outdoor bathtub!

Soho Farmhouse are for members and their limited guests. My lovely godson (thank goodness I have been a good godmother!) invited me to a getaway. Although dogs are allowed in certain allocated cabins, I wasn’t sure about the House Rules. I didn’t want to risk bringing two dogs and it became an issue. And knowing that Darcy is a better traveller, I left George in good hands (though he protested).

A little kitchenette with all the thoughtful details …

The only public space where dogs are allowed is in the Mill Bar – where we waited before check-in. Food can be served there. In the summer when there is outside seating, one can dine with their dogs but otherwise, the two restaurants – the Main Bar and Pen Yen (Japanese cuisine) do not allow dogs inside. You can leave your dogs tied up in the waiting area at the Main Bar. Given the exclusivity of the place, you need not worry about them being taken. It’s a matter of whether they’re comfortable there. They did offer to keep Darcy in the office while we have lunch so we’ll trial that.

There’s a fabulous Cowshed spa and pool areas – overlooking the lake.

While some hotels give you the smallest bottles of shampoo and bath gel – no conditioners, you’re spoilt for choice! The range of Cowshed shampoo, conditioner and bath gels! Love it!

I came out here to do some writing and wasn’t planning on doing anything else. But I sure wish I have more time to do everything else.

But we are looking forward to lunch with Edgar, who made this possible.


  1. Liz Burman

    It looks absolutely delightful.

  2. Cristina

    Where is this? Is it soho farmhouse? In which case lucky you! ?

  3. Jill Keiser

    The cabin is so cozy and delightful! Darcy seems very happy!

  4. Sandy Exley

    But did you see any celebs?

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