Goodbye and Good Luck!

Very early this morning the phone rang and then we got the news – Mummy’s friend, Sandrine passed away peacefully in her sleep.  She was 93.

I knew Mummy was upset, so I went and snuggled up next to her. And we stayed like this for a long while …

IMG_2655A few hours later, we learnt that Teddy also passed – maybe he and Sandrine were walking through Heaven’s doors together. Sandrine used to be afraid of dogs but she wasn’t afraid of me – so Teddy would have been good company.

May’s comment:  A friend till the end. Will miss you Sandrine. As you always said, “Goodbye and Good Luck” …

As for Darcy, it was lovely that she knew something was wrong. She got down from her side of the bed, walked over to my side and jumped up to snuggle close by. She never does that unless I ask her to. This morning she did it all on her own. How they sense us.

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  1. Miami Malteses

    Darcy your Mummy is so blessed to have such a perceptive and caring doggy like you to sense her sorrow and keep her company…we send her “pawgs and kisses” and are sorry for her loss.

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