Pets to Paris Campaign

PetsPyjamas launched their Pets to Paris via Eurostar petition back in July but now PetsPyjamas are letting the dogs take the lead! This weekend PetPyjamas will be staging an event in London to draw attention to the campaign to get Eurostar to make one carriage on each of their trains dog-friendly.Eurostar A We hope as many of you will be able to make it – to make our views known. This is where we will be meeting …Eurostar B Eurostar C We are so supporting this because of our own experiences. We travel often to the continent and how much more often we would go if only we can go via Eurostar.  Yet we persist and now we can have a collective voice. If you can’t be there to help with the staging of our voices – please help by signing the ePetition for Pets to Paris

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  1. Thank you for supporting us Darcy! We look forward to meeting you on Sunday and please bring along as many friends as possible to support our cause!


    Maddie Darnton
    Travel Manager

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