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Chinese New Year is one of the most significant and important festivals in the Chinese calendar.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, it is a tradition to bring together family members for a “reunion dinner” – the most important meal of the year.  We put on our best jumpers from Mungo and Maud for the evening.In our case, it’s a hodgepodge of families in London. We had our Chinese New Year dinner at The Duck & Rice because we know no other Chinese restaurant in London that would allow myself and George to dine as part of Mummy’s family.Along with the other “younger” and unmarried hoomans at dinner, George and I also got red envelopes, used in the hope of giving good luck (as well as money) to the receivers.
Red is the colour for good luck and a symbol to ward off evil spirits.

Mummy whispered in our ear, telling us that red envelopes are usually given out by married couples to single people, regardless of age, or by older to younger ones during holidays and festivals.  She noted that she didn’t get any!!!! 🙁

May’s comment: The Chinese believe that the year’s start affects the whole year, so there are quite a few traditions/superstitions for the Chinese New Year.

Apparently, one musn’t do cleaning or wash their hair in the first three days of the new year as that will wash away any good luck (well, that’s a good excuse!)

Children must not cry as this brings bad luck to the family and to wear red underwear!

There’s also the unspoken tradition that for Chinese New Year one should were new clothes. That was vaguely familiar when I was growing up. How did I forget that one – would have been a good excuse to buy a new outfit. Darn! Must remember that for next year. 🙂

It was not easy to find a Chinese or Asian restaurant that permit dogs to dine with humans. So when we heard that The Duck and Rice is dog-friendly and that it which serves traditional dim sums and Peking duck amongst a list of other Chinese favourites, we haven’t stopped going there.  When it came to planning the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner for friends and families, there was but only one choice.  

The Duck and Rice – Stylish British pub with copper beer tanks and upstairs dining room serving elevated Chinese dishes. Dogs are only allowed downstairs in the bar area but you can basically have the same menu as upstairs. The same proprietor as Hakkasan and Yauatcha – high quality, delicious Chinese basics. 90 Berwick St, London W1F 0QB


  1. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Happy New Year to all 3 of you – what a lovely gathering. Lola said she likes the idea of no hair washing for 3 days and please could that apply to paw washing too, as she is getting very bored with being put in the sink each time she has been out – LOL!!

  2. Danielle De Napoli

    Happy Chinese New Year to all of you, love to ready about all of the adventures.

  3. Danielle De Napoli

    oops, should have said love to “read” about all of the adventures

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