• IMG_4300Hi Blue, I'm Alfie!
  • IMG_4297
  • IMG_4293
  • IMG_4291Johnny! Your mummy said you're an incessant barker!
  • IMG_4288Posers!
  • IMG_4287I'm Teddy and I'm the smallest!
  • IMG_4251Hebe says I'd rather be held
  • IMG_4284Alfie is wondering why his human sister is holding Teddy
  • IMG_4281
  • IMG_4278
  • IMG_4243Treats?
  • IMG_4255
  • IMG_4253Vivian and Johnny in matching colours
  • IMG_4249We know you have treats
  • IMG_4241
  • IMG_4240
  • IMG_4235
  • IMG_4223
  • IMG_4221
  • IMG_4219Here comes Buddy!
  • IMG_4215
  • IMG_4213
  • IMG_4212
  • IMG_4211
  • IMG_4209
  • IMG_4200
  • IMG_4199
  • IMG_4194
  • IMG_4190
  • IMG_4186
  • IMG_4184
  • IMG_4170
  • IMG_4167I'd rather be squirrelling
  • IMG_4165Quite a few gingers
  • IMG_4159Here comes Chewy!
  • IMG_4156Fun police is on her way
  • IMG_4151They had the best fun!
  • IMG_4132
  • IMG_4149Chewy and Jasper
  • IMG_4145Best mates
  • IMG_4125
  • IMG_4131
  • IMG_4140
  • IMG_4134A welcoming committee
  • IMG_4120
  • IMG_4118
  • IMG_4144
  • IMG_4157

Happy Fourth Anniversary!

It threatened to rain yesterday morning – the day of our first Hyde Park Meet of 2017!!! But it wasn’t  stopping 24 pooches from meeting up for a runaround.L-R: Chewy, Jasper, Teddy (cavapoo), Coco, Barney, Spencer, George (the poo-poo), Lucca, Darcy, Cookie, Hebe, Clementine, Stanley, Jaffa, Lyra, Alfie (cavapoo), Buddy, Vivian, Max (the “intruder”), Johnny

Missing from photo: BlueDougal, Eloise and Winston

Please excuse us if we spelt your name incorrectly! Let us know if we have done so.

May’s comment: Can’t believe it’s already the end of January and we’re having our first meet of the year.  Didn’t the year just started?

It’s been a long time since we were together – the last time was the 18th December.  Despite the rain, we had 24 pooches! 

Four years later, from these four cockapoos at our first meet in January 2013

We are now a community!

It was also lovely that the humans are also starting to connect.  We are starting to realise that quite a few of us live streets away from each other.  And a few have made quite a journey from afar to come.

The next meet will be the 26th February! Can’t promise it will be any warmer or drier, but we will probably have cake as it will be Darcy’s 6th birthday!  Can’t believe it! She will soon to hit human mid-life crisis!

P.S. We have never figured out who the extra two were that joined us at the end of that first meet. Does anyone recognise them the two black cockapoos at either end?




  1. Melinda Sheldon

    Lucky pups 🙂

  2. Jill Keiser

    I wish my mom would start a club for doxadors! That’s what I am! We could me at a dog park at my vet’s.– Gina from NC!

  3. aw how great it looks!
    Love the the photos of all of them xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

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