A gentle reminder

Mum’s home after her op – without us.

But when she wakes up and when she goes to bed every night, she is reminded that we are very much in her bedroom! LOL!

Gallery wall in Mum’s bedroom – camouflaging the telly.

But George and I don’t look like ourselves in those beautiful portraits on the wall. Here I am out running in the rain with the pack at the House of Mutt.

Getting wetter by the minute …

And the end result …

Note: Big German Shepherd and she’s not freaking out.

As for George –

Another happy muddy day walk with bestie Jaffa and Mini.

And then he got completely distracted by SOMETHING and disappeared into the bushes and away form sight for half an hour. And there was no sign or sound of him. Camilla waited and waited – and thought maybe he might have gone home. But informed two passers-by if they should spot a small black dog running freely. As soon as she got home, the phone rang and the passer-by had got hold of George!

He had returned to the spot where he had ran off – looking for Camilla. And he was barking angrily as Camilla approached them – why did you leave me behind?

George thinks the world revolves around him. Really. Such a boy.

When they got home, Jaffa gave him a good telling off.

And then it was just the two of them – sitting by the pond and observing all that’s going on in the wild countryside.

May’s comment: Had wondered how long it will take before something like that would happen. LOL! He is covered in burs and mud. He will be rinsed off when he gets back to the house.

Darcy is being DAWG. And I love seeing her this way.

All’s well on my end. Home and resting the foot. It was strange waking up in the night and looking for my dogs on the bed but there were none. And to wake up this morning and no excited dogs giving me kisses, wagging tails and ready for breakfast. And so odd last evening that I didn’t have to go out for that last walk.

So I haven’t shared this yet … but in addition to the gallery wall in my bedroom (which might be frightening for any future guests LOL) in making my flat just the way I want it to be – I made sure they have their own wardrobe.

And their own drawer for jumpers and t-shirts.

And a basket for their Equafleeces by the front door for upcoming wet days.

Note the Marie Kondo folding …

And of course a dog level hanging rack for their collars and leashes –

Our collection of Hindquarters leads and collars.

While I have been doing The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning for myself in the past year, Darcy and George’s wardrobe and accessories have quadrupled! I wonder how that happened. Fab book by the way – just gives you a perspective on what is important in the later stages in life.

I have downsized purposefully to make me go through all my years of collecting everything. I took with me to my smaller flat – all that I need, want and love – and the size of flat and the design forced to leave what I don’t need behind – in the flat to be rented out furnished.

Even then in my new flat, all the cupboards are full. There’s still a lot more to declutter. Things I have no need for but could not justify chucking out.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Speedy recovery May. And Miss D with the huge GS!

  2. Joan MacDonald

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and return to normal. Hopefully it won’t be long before you are waking up to wet noses demanding their breaky.

  3. Angie

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Keep that foot elevated.
    Angie, Hannah Poppi and Oscar.?

  4. Cheryl

    Prayers for a speedy and complete healing. It’s so nice that you have fabulous friends and places for the pups to go to.

  5. Sam Swift

    Wishing you a speedy recovery I feel your pain after recovering myself last 7 weeks after a foot op x


    Hi there, glad you are back home May, and that you are not in too much discomfort. I love all the photos, Darcy and George look like they are having a super time. Thank you for the photo of their wardrobe, they have a wonderful collection of clothes, and accessories. Wondering if I could get some of those woollies in my size. Continue to rest and get well, you will soon be out and about. Cheerio for now, xxx

  7. Valerie

    Glad you are home recuperating, May! Thanks for the update!

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