My turn

Today is my turn to say goodbye.

I know it because THAT bag has made an appearance. And I know where I will be going.

I spent the morning hanging out with Mum as we went about doing everyday things. Camilla sent us a couple of videos that of George enjoying the countryside with Jaffa and Mini.

See George – we told you it will be fun!

But today, my bag is packed

I associate that bag with the House of Mutt. That has always been my bag – filled with my food.

Can I bring Teddy?

Not a good idea?

The door bell. Is that the pick up from House of Mutt?

Time to go … Mum, are you coming to see me off?

Hmmm. Why am I sitting in the back? I always sit in the front seat!

And there’s someone peering over the back seat!

Bye Mum. There’s a reason for this madness I am sure …

May’s comment: And off she went …

She will have the best time, I know. But parting is always difficult. This time she didn’t jump with excitement. And she would rise out to the car – ready to leave as quickly as possible and would tell me off for coming with her. This time she kept looking back – she knew where she was going but she wasn’t as excited as she usually has been. Did she know this was different?

I returned to a very still home – no wagging tails to meet me at the door. I do take that for granted and it is times like this that reminds me how much they are a part of my life – and how empty it would be without them.

But guess who came to stay unexpectedly?

Can’t ever refuse a Charlie visit.

He didn’t have anyone to take him today, and since I’m not going in till noon tomorrow, Charlie and I can hang out. Made arrangements for dog walker to take him tomorrow while I’m gone. And he’ll be going home tomorrow night. But for tonight, I have him to cuddle with.


  1. Alison Mullett

    A Charlie cuddle will ease the loneliness. Thinking of you and hoping everything goes well

  2. Liz Burman

    Dear little Charlie, he’ll temporarily help to fill the gap. He must be wondering where the others are.😍😍

  3. Veena

    Good luck with the surgery.


    Good morning May, Lovely to see George playing with his friends. Miss Darcy will be fine once she is settled at The House of Mutt. I have got through a few tissues here, and look forward to seeing your lovely family reunited. Glad to see that you have Charlie for company, he looks lovely. This sad time will soon pass, and Miss Darcy, George and yourself are supported with the love making its way through the ether from all your friends. xxx

  5. Julie Entwistle

    Aww it won’t be long until they’re back. Looking at the video of George running around. I remember when he used to run off from you. He’s come such a long way from his bad start in life. The love of a great Mummy xx


    Good luck May, I hope everything goes well.

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