As fast as a Labradoodle!

Bronwyn is the labradoodle that lives at The Grove.  She is only a year old – and therefore still frisky. 


I didn’t know she lives here. I thought she was invading my territory and barked at her. Mummy wasn’t impressed. But I soon got the picture.

Here she is sitting in the reception area – guarding. Well, sort of. She looks like she’s eyeing me.


This is Bronwyn with her Daddy.


I did get to run around with Bronwyn a little.  This is us in Mummy’s “poetry in motion” photo style! 🙂

IMG_4372 IMG_4371

I’m as quick as Bronwyn even though she’s bigger than me!  Oops! She was told off for running around like crazy! My fault!


Sadly, we eventually had to leave The Grove. I loved running on the grounds. The people are really nice. We went to the beach yesterday – luckily we had a day with some sunshine and sporadic rain.  I’ll get Mummy to write more about The Grove – I know she loved it.


  1. Nicola

    oops, you might want to check for typos…

  2. Maggie

    All poos are wonderful! Such characters. I look forward to reading more about the Grove. Thank you for such interesting and informative posts Miss Darcy

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