Hwyl fawr cymru!

Goodbye Wales … and now for our LONG journey home through uncertain weather conditions. Not very good luck with travelling the last few weeks.

So we left The Grove in a taxi – back to where we started – a desolate little train station in Narbeth where you had to hail down the train as it approaches the station! Here sits Little Tyke surrounded by our bags while we waited.

IMG_9256 IMG_9259Before the train arrived, he fell fast asleep! So besides the not so many pieces of luggage, stroller and me, Mummy had to lug him on board the train … and he continues to sleep in the train, oblivious to all around him. I too took a nap.

IMG_0030Unbeknownst to us, the serve storms that came in from the Atlantic last night had caused further floods and many parts of the rail line were flooded. We were told we had to get off at Camarthen to take a bus to Swansea.  We waited at the station for about half an hour for the bus.

IMG_0031Someone came to inform us at the Waiting Room that the bus had arrived. Little Tyke who came off the train on a stroller had to be awoken to get on the bus, but he fell fast asleep again … actually Little Tyke, Mini Tyke and me, we snoozed at the back of the bus as we drove through stormy weather.





Mummy sitting serenely in the bus – taking everything as it came her way.



When we arrived at Swansea our train to London Paddington had long gone so we sat around for another 30 mins for the next train at 16.28.  Little Tyke still asleep …

IMG_0040Finally the train to London Paddington pulled into track 2 and we got on – bags, stroller, kids and me – and found a table seat – and then our long train ride home. Finally Little Tyke woke up and while Mummy and his Mummy tried to recuperate from the adventures of travelling home from Wales – we set him up on his iPad while I sat – bored and hungry!  It was a slow train and also we weren’t sure what other disruptions were along the way so they could not tell us what the ETA will be.


We arrived at Paddington Station shortly after 20.00. We piled into a taxi and made our way back home – thankfully no traffic. Once back at the house, I ran into the garden for a big wee! Phew!

Then we put Little Tyke to bed before we came home … and here’s me – exhausted … sitting under the desk while Mummy tells you about our journey home.


Good night! Will tell you more about our Wales adventures tomorrow!



  1. Sara Abbott

    What a journey! Glad you are all home safe I thought of you earlier when the weather man was talking about Wales and the West Country x

    • Miss Darcy

      We didn’t even think about it as we started on our journey home. But we got home – not too late! x

  2. sam

    Such a gorgeous doggy. Totally jealous

  3. Maggie

    So glad too, that you are safe and sound at home. What an adventure and horrid journey home! You are all very brave, and the Tykes little and mini were soooooo good. You will sleep well tonight.xx

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