Who just spoke?

Crikey! That scared the daylight out of us! 

A man’s voice sounded in our bedroom this morning.  He sounded like an Aussie and he was whispering sweet nothings …

It’s time to wake up, sweetheart.

I was dreaming of you last night.

Can I make you some tea, love?”

Mummy wasn’t responding.

Whoa! 15 minutes later, another soothing voice sounded … this time he’s Italiano:

Time to wake up, bellisima.”

E una giornata fantastica! 

Wake up, bella!

Still Mummy slept through that all that “gentle prodding”. And when she still wasn’t responding, the Brit came on …

“It’s time to wake up, my love.

Are you sleeping in today?

You are so beautiful when you wake up.”

She finally reached over and found the button on her phone to shut them all up! LOL!  All those soothing encouragement didn’t do it for Mummy, they basically lulled her back to sleep, probably dreaming of her “Mr. Darcy”.

She really needed something glaringly loud to make her jump out of bed.

May’s comment:  Sylvia sent me this App – The Morning Man® Alarm Clock App  – which is basically an alarm setting – but instead of ringing bells and whistles, etc, etc – it has a selection of romantic men’s voices in different accents to wake you up. For the fun if it, I downloaded the App – you can have three alarms – so I could have three different accents to wake me up … They come in these accents – American, French, British, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, Australian, Brazilian … I reckon there will be more to come! LOL!  Doesn’t work for me but very funny and good thinking!


  1. Rusty and Martine


  2. Pat Carter

    Do they do one in a woman’s voice, I would love to get it for my grandson who can’t get out of bed!!!

    • Miss Darcy

      Not really – it’s called the morning man 🤣 but I bet a seductive man’s voice would make him jump out of bed!!! 😂

  3. Sian

    I just got the app! So fun!

  4. Lisa King

    Just downloaded it for fun! My husband and I are both laughing.

  5. the black baby is very cute.

  6. Alison Mullett

    Hilarious! 😂😂

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