A new reality

Morning Mama, you look deep in thought this morning.

Mum: I am just thinking how much our world has changed in the two weeks since we came back together. How did we get here? Two weeks ago it was a faraway problem. I was in self-isolation because I flew home from high-risk zones. And today in London we are all in isolation.

But we are ok, Mama?

Mum: We will stay safe by staying home, keep washing our hands, keep busy with things to do at home, stay in touch with friends, checking in with them …

and going for walkies when we need to.

By doing less we are doing more, right?

Mum: That’s right, George.

And we have each other to get through this together.

Mum: We sure do. You two remind me that there’s still normality in these abnormal times. We still have feeding times, necessary walkies and cuddles on the sofa while watching COVID-19 news briefings.

Mum’s comment: As we took our morning routine walk we took check of what was going on in the world outside our “lockdown.”

The corner flower stall which always adds a little colour to the streetscape is in lock down too.

Food stores are open. Unlike the supermarkets, there’s no cleaning out the shelves from the local shops.

But there are new rules –

At the butcher’s.
At the French fresh food market

They limit the number of people in store so there are queues outside.

The hardware store and pharmacies are open.

Everything else …

And when we once used to frequently get together, we now keep in touch with Houseparty App.

Belinda, Lisa, Julie and me!

Wonder what we will all do when we leave this virus behind us.


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    We are in lockdown here too May in Indiana. I still work because I work in healthcare. It is a different world right now. In some ways it brings us all closer together in the world because we are all in this together. Eventually this will be over but I do think that things will be a bit different. You three stay safe! I so look forward to your posts. I hope you still continue with them❤️

  2. Cheryl

    Stay safe, stay well! It was nice to see pictures of London.

  3. Sheryl Sundheimer

    Yes very strange outside in Michigan USA ! I love your posts ! Stay safe!

  4. Sheryl

    Thinking of you work in health care in NY state difficult times
    Xo to Darcy and George

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