Minding our own business

Social distancing doesn’t mean we cannot leave home.

In fact it is encouraged to go outside for exercise and to have some fresh air.

And especially dog-walking is encouraged.

We wore our Mummy sweaters.

But we must exercise social distances.

I went up on a tree trunk to survey the park …

Looks safe to wander …

Oy! George! Keep 2 meters distance!

Oh, it’s ok if we’re from the same family?

All clear, let me go running around.

Best to keep an eye on those squirrels – its lonely work.

But we cannot stay here all day … Mum!!! That dog crossed my path!!!!!

Oh, the rule doesn’t apply to dogs?

It was a beautiful day and we found a tree trunk to sit and watch the world.

There were quite a lot of people in the park but there were no groups of people gathered together.

Usually on a beautiful day like this – especially during the weekend, there would be groups of picnics, and people hanging out taking in the sun – scattered all over. But not today.

Mum joined us on the tree trunk and the three of us sat for some quiet time. We made a few people smile with our jumpers. And someone walked past and said we made a cute picture but she couldn’t take our photo because she couldn’t use Mum’s phone – that is one of the items that potentially carry the virus if the person is infected.

So we think the message got through … social distancing being practiced. But not for long …

May’s comment: Shortly after we took that selfie, two little girls ran towards us and started to climb the tree trunk. And along came their mother and nanny and started to take photos – and one of the girls started walking towards us as she wanted to walk along the tree trunk. And the mother didn’t say anything. We left.

We did notice a police car patrolling the park. When we walked into Kensington Gardens we saw this couple showing PDA – kissing passionately on Broad Walk. It seemed out of place in these times. The patrol car stopped – and though the officers jokingly reminded them about social distancing – I think it was rather silly thing to do these days.

If you find that your life feels normal and hasn’t changed, then you’re not adhering to the advice given by the government.

Some of the London parks have now been closed to the public. And if people don’t behave, they may also close the parks. I hope they make the exception for dog walkers.


  1. Anne McCormack

    You’re doing the right thing, May. We are now in isolation and only go out around 6.30 to walk Ben. Stay safe everyone. Mired your distance x

  2. Rita and Gracie

    Stay safe you three,the squirrels can wait Darcy and who knows maybe with peace and quiet there will be a few more to chase in the summer.

  3. Jill Keiser

    It’s nice to see the three of you out and about in the park. Our parks close early, but we can still get some walkies in. Thanks for continuing to post your blog during these tense days.

  4. Cheryl

    What a beautiful day, that sky looks so blue! Fresh air and exercise helps our mental attitude.
    Thank you for posting the videos and photos, that add a bright spot to my day!
    Stay well!

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