A New Routine (for Mummy)

Well, since George entered our lives, we now do walks before we have breakfast.  George is probably more prompt at it than I am with this new routine.

So as we walk along, Mummy has decided that she too will have a new routine for herself.

Instead of going to Gail’s for her cappuccino and very large almond croissant. Today she went to Cpress – a healthy alternative, one might say!  IMG_5133 Look at all those uninteresting ingredients – from our POV.IMG_5134George looking at a whole fridge full of green things. No, we’re not into veggies and funny things.IMG_5138 Didn’t even bother to see what Mummy was eating. But the floor is very cool to lie on.IMG_4854We left soon enough. We walked past Sainsbury and we told George – that’s one place we’ll never be allowed into!
IMG_5145And George says – but look at all those raw meat in there – isn’t that what you feed us anyway?IMG_5146So off to home we go and Mummy sat down to write about our morning and totally forgot to give us our breakfast!!! Not until she went to get herself a cup of tea and then remembered! Tsk! Tsk!

Guess we’re still getting used to our new routines, ay?

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