“And I will always love you”

My dearest Darcy, you came into my life with such vigour and life. I wasn’t ready for you. You were a curious little thing and the first thing you did was mark your territory on my lovely silk rug. I was in such shock I didn’t respond as I normally would have.  Thankfully someone was there to show me what I had to do.  And that I needed to invest in rolls and rolls of paper towels.

The first months with you were really difficult for me – I really wondered if I had made a mistake in letting you enter my life. IMG_1033But it didn’t take long for you to work yourself into my heart. Three and a half years later, you turned me into a person I never thought I was capable of being.

Never in my life did I think I could re-home a rescue, rather it never even would have occurred to me.  Today we share our home with little George.  I think the Universe also knows I am not so capable so along came the perfect little rescue. He is a charmer. He is intelligent. It is his cuteness and his neediness that makes it so much easier to love him – to be honest.

So another chapter of our adventure begins. This would not have happened if you did not teach me that dogs/animals have souls. When I look into your eyes and your face, I see a being with feelings. 7dd9c70043aa9aa7e8a9bf470ecc5de7.jpgWhen I see your loyalty it humbles me. When I see your love, my heart bursts open with such joy.

It is not going to be smooth sailing for me, I admit. There’s still a lot to learn about George. We know he’s a survivor and he had to fight to stay alive despite how small he is. You have been absolutely wonderful to him – such a gracious host and so gentle in spirit – even though he annoys you sometimes.  IMG_4731He loves to play, bless him and even though you are mostly reserved, you’ve started to play with him and then would walk away when you’ve had enough.

But this much I know – you fill my life with so much love, joy and contentment. You make me so proud of you. Thank you for being with me on this journey. You are my number one and together we will learn to love George. To welcome him into our lives.

And I will always love you.

Darcy’s comment: Mummy and I had some time together today and she started singing Whitney Houston’s song. Well, it was only that one line that meant anything to the two of us. I did tell her not to bother trying out for X-Factor or any of those shows, that she should just keep writing, keep the day job basically. 🙂 But I appreciated the sentiment and I know I will always be her Number 1.


  1. Maggie

    Ahhhh, lovely. Well done May.

  2. Alison parry

    Thats so lovely….I feel exactly the same about my gorgeous cockapoo Mabel x

  3. Maggie Danks

    Oh May, that made me quite emotional. Our little furry friends love us unconditionally, asking nothing in return but love, food and shelter. My little Maggie means the world to me and I cannot envisage my life without her. You have a good soul May. Both Darcy and George have found a wonderful home with you.

  4. Miami Malteses

    Auntie May you have come a long way and we love you for it! This was the sweetest letter we have ever read from any pet parent! Darcy and George are lucky lucky Doggies!!

  5. Alison

    oh this made me cry! We love our little dogs! Glad to know we share the same emotions! PS. Keep singing!

  6. Laura cordovano

    Well said May! Bravo and kudos to you. As I am writing this my three angels who keep me grounded in love are with me as I take a bath after a long and stressful day. One of these days one of them is going to jump in. Won’t that be fun. ♡

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