A Day in Soho

We have a friend visiting us from New York.  On Sunday after our Hyde Park meet, we took Michel to Soho.

We weren’t sure why there was a queue outside this store …Things happen here that sometimes we don’t understand why.

Michel enjoyed all the street “art” and “messages”So did Mummy“The EVIL has landed”
We call George the little devil but he’s not evil.

And more messages … What?  Don’t think these are relevant for me.

Ah, this looks a bit more appetising. Shall we go and have some dim sum?Venison puff pastry – Oh yum! yum! dim sum! Har gau, kai lan, pork and chive dumpling, lotus leaf rice, etc, etc.And the crispy duck!Do you think you can eat all that?Alas they did! But Michel and Mummy did share little bits with George and I. Michel found some bone with meat on it and thought to give it to George to take the meat off the bone. Seriously?!?!?! He does have a dog back home and apparently his dog does just that. But George of course bit off half the bone he was holding!!! LOL!  He knew better than to give us cooked bones so he felt a little bad. Never mind, Michel. George loved it and he lived.

As we walked out of Duck and Rice, Mummy thought she should ask if the Polpetto restaurant allowed dogs inside. And it’s a YES!!!! Well, we have another place to go when in Soho.

We walked on and Mummy wanted Michel to see Ham Yard Hotel –We love all their hotels – some of them are pet-friendly and others not. We had not realised that Ham Yard wasn’t but we were already inside and were told we couldn’t stay. But we could sit in the courtyard. In the meantime while Mummy was discussing all this with the General Manager, Michel had introduced George to a shih-poo, called Missy and her owners.There’s some of Missy in George as he’s part shih-tzu.We invited them to come to our next Hyde Park meet!

We walked on to Piccadilly as Michel wanted to see Maison Assouline.  There were sheep guarding the entrance – and for a while we pretended we were sheep dog.Not sure why they needed to guard the entrance to this beautiful book store. Never mind, we went on in and George was taken on a tour of the shopAnd after all that dim sum, Mummy and Michel stopped for a coffee at the Swan’s Bar inside the book store.Well, that was a day in itself. We think Michel enjoyed our day in Soho. It is always nice to see our London through new eyes. Made us appreciate it more.

May’s comment: We went for dim sum at Duck and Rice – 90 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0QBWe will be checking out Polpetto the next time we’re in Soho. 11 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0PLSwan’s Bar at Maison Assouline – dogs are most welcome. 196A Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9EY


  1. Lucca

    What a lovely afternoon I I wish we could of come
    Next time Lucca and I would love to join you
    Adding Libertys

  2. ConVon

    I always enjoy your posts. This traveldogalogue was very entertaining.

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