A sunny Bank Holiday!

That sounds like an oxymoron! But it was indeed a beautiful sunny day for our August Hyde Park meet.

Jaffa came with us today. We all jumped out of the car with great excitement. And as we turned the corner of the Serpentine Gallery to the green where we usually meet, Toffee was already there! We haven’t seen Toffee for a while – and when other pooches starting arriving, she wasn’t so sure any more.Toffee: “Daddy, help! Why are there so many dogs?There was Barnaby, our Instagram friend!And Ellie – all in pink – including the ball she seemed to have taken over from Jaffa.We were all chasing balls for a while.Jaffa, Ellie and me were the ball chasersYes, that one ball and three of us! Oops! Well, only one of us would get it.But after a while, the ball wasn’t so interesting any more as my little nose picked up the scent of little rodents in the trees.And then there was Ted –George liked him, but he was also being cheekyHe went to Ted’s daddy for some attention while Ted was chasing balls (he’s another ball chaser)When he looked up, he saw what George was doing and got incredibly jealous!He barked with growing jealousy but George heeded not! After having teased Ted he then went to the next hooman get the next loving – Ellie’s mummy.Ellie hurried back to her mummy –Forget those balls she said. But that didn’t last long. As soon as she took her eyes off her mummy, along came Leelo!The life of the parteeee!Leelo bounced onto the scene and literally bounced from one to another. Barnaby was curious about this bundle of activity! And in a split second, she was off to say hello to JaffaWho all this time was standing and waiting for a ball.As all this commotion was going on, Lucca sat transfixed …At his mummy’s crunchy bag with something delicious in it.And even Jaffa heard the chomping and left the ball in search of what could be in that crinkling bag.All that time, Toffee was still clinging onto her daddyAnd her mummyAnd little Hebe was no better!  She sat at her mummy’s feetAnd then at her daddy’s.It was such a beautiful dry day, even the hoomans came down to our level on the grass – which is not something they usually can do.Did you notice there’s something else that was on all fours … Clementine’s little baby sister, Leonor came to her first meet. But she was not quite keeping an eye on little sister.She found something more interesting to entertain herself with.

Jaffa had left us to go for a little walk but as we were leaving, a very muddied Jaffa returned! LOL!!! You really should stick to the ball, Jaffa!  When there’s no ball, the next thing she liked was mud-baths!

After everyone else had left the meet, we went around the Serpentine Gallery to enjoy the Summer Pavilion for a coffee with our friend Michel, visiting from New York and Lucca, Fenton and Jocelyn.Mummy took photos of us outside of the Pavilion and a photo of me sitting inside the PavilionWhen someone came up to say hello! This is San and she reads our blog.San, we hope you will come with your cavachon to our next meet – because Theo is also a cavachon and they can play together!

May’s comment: What a lovely day it was!  The park had fewer people than usual as it was the Notting Hill Carnival and a Bank Holiday at the end of August. But we still had 13 doodles come to play.Left to right: Clementine, Ellie, Barnaby, Toffee, Darcy, Lucca, Hebe, Ted, George, Leelo, Jaffa

Not in the photo: Digby, a six-month old LabradoodleAnd shy Coco who came later.Till our next meet on the 24 September.


  1. Davina and Johnny Lawrence

    Sorry Johnny and I couldn’t be with you all yesterday. It looks like you had a great day. We hope to be with you all next month

  2. Julie Entwistle

    Wilbur does the same as Toffee when he’s unsure of other dogs or barks at them 🙂

  3. Katherine Shiatis

    So sorry to miss!!! We can not wait to see you all very soon when I am finally home with my family after our summer time fun! Love, Lyra xxx

  4. jakie and deepak lalwani

    Thank you to May again for communicating this meeting to us all. Lovely to see the poos and doodles/others including George playing together and of course the humans socializing. a perfect Sunday in the park.

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