A Parrot Tree?

Running and strolling around Kensington Gardens, we came across a group of people gathered under a tree. What were they doing? They looked like they were raising their arms to the skies above. As we got closer, we saw that they were all holding apples in their hands – tempting the parrots Up in the tree!They were sitting on the branches looking down at the hoomans and deciding which one to go to.And down they came!Look at that! It was the parrot tree! Nothing much happened, so we left the hoomans to it.Just in case you’re curious, you too can find this tree where the hoomans gathered. It’s quite close to the Peter Pan statue by the Long Lake – where other feathered creatures flocked.  Don’t go in there George!!!May’s comment: This was one of the amusements for Sasha and Skye when they were in Kensington Gardens .People are always gathered underneath it to feed the parrots.

One even sat on Sasha’s headOne of the many amusements of Kensington Gardens.


  1. Cheryl

    Wow!! Are the parrots wild? What happens when it gets cold and damp? This will be on our must see/do list for next time!

  2. Jeanette

    There are loads of parrots in the trees where my uncle lives in London he says they originated from the salt fields at Rainham Marches ecaped from a boat many moons ago and have been here ever since. Beautiful to see.

  3. Eppie Dyann Giles


  4. Pat Carter

    We have parrots in Shepperton, we believe that they escaped many years ago from the studios when they were filming the African Queen

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