Meet us at the Park on Sunday

The last Sunday of August is coming up and we are excited to have another meet up.The parks are full of tourists, many of the Londoners are still away.
Let’s go check out our meeting place to see if anyone is there.C’mon George!Ah there is the Summer Pavilion by the Serpentine Gallery.Many of you are probably still away but if you’re in London, come and have a run around with us.

And check out this year’s Serpentine Gallery’s Summer Pavilion. We did. This year’s pavilion is designed by Francis Kere.  Looks a bit like a spaceship.

And also Grayson Perry’s The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!May’s comment: Tied them up outside the gallery under the watchful eye of the lady with the counter. The Serpentine Gallery’s current exhibition – Grayson Perry’s The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! 

This is Grayson Perry’s attempt to capture the thoughts of a divided country a year after the EU referendum. It needs more than a quick fly through of the exhibition, but I had a quick glimpse. Must attempt again …

Free entrance to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Garden/Hyde Park.

All that said – the August Hyde Park meet is on this Sunday, 27th August – behind the Serpentine Gallery  at 11am.

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