A Quiet Sunday

After a very full Saturday, we did more neighbourhood things today.  First we went for Mummy’s cappuccino at Gail’s and I met George, a 12 year old black Scotty.


Then at 11, when the church bells rang it always gets me excited. So I ran to the bedroom and barked at it – just once this time.  Getting used to them, I suppose. IMG_3799

The weather was a bit funny today – it could not decide if it was going to rain or not, so we decided not to go to the park. Instead I had a play date with Rocko. And Zara will also put us through our paces with tricks! Here’s us saying goodbye to Mummy as we watched her walk away.

IMG_3812Making out for hours is quite tiring.  I am knackered. But what a nice weekend to have spent time with Charlie and Rocko. IMG_1824

Good night! See you tomorrow! xox

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