Disappearing Treats

This is a Finnish magician performing disappearing tricks on us pooches!  The pooches were obviously confused and needless to say – disappointed!

But those humans – they were laughing at our confusion. First there was a treat and then it was gone!  Meanie!


  1. Julia

    Aww how cute they were! Funny how they all automatically looked to the floor!! X

  2. Marzi

    It would have been kind if he had made the treat re-appear, to reward the dogs for their participation and not minding too much for being made to look stupid.
    The spitz wasn’t happy…. and I want that little wirehaired dachshund 🙂

  3. Tracey

    So funny – couldn’t help chuckling at their puzzled faces….
    I hope they got a nice big treat in the end as a reward for amusing us!? X

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