A rousing welcome at Ashford Castle

After we got off the train, a lovely man met us at Galway station and drove us to Ashford Castle.

I looked out at the green, green fields. Liking it so far!IMG_8425 We finally arrived at Ashford Castle – but before I could go inside …IMG_8436… after a long train journey and car ride, I needed to do what I have to do!IMG_8432At the entrance of the castle were two dog statues – but of course!IMG_8437
A lot of the staff came to say hello! They were so welcoming. They knew I was coming and got fussed over.
IMG_8453But Mummy was particularly keen to show me that there are certain beasts with horns on their heads and need not be too afraid of them – I saw reindeers on Saturday and I wasn’t sure about them. Of course I wasn’t afraid of this statue.IMG_8454 We were shown our room – think we like it.IMG_8462And then see what was in store for me!IMG_8458 All these gifts from Pet Pyjamas!!! Wow!IMG_8459Later when Mummy and Wendeline went to tea, Geraldine said I could stay with her in the office. I wasn’t so sure at first –IMG_8463They took me for a walk around the grounds and they fussed over me in the office. Then it was all ok.

I am not allowed into any place where they serve food – but otherwise, they’ve made me feel extremely welcomed. When Mummy went out for dinner, I was left in the room. Mummy was concerned if I would bark and the staff responded – it’s ok. I’m a dog, I am allowed to bark. Now that’s understanding what I am. 🙂

May’s comment:  Such a welcoming place – and while Darcy was not allowed in the places where food is served, they made us feel very welcomed.

We had booked Ashford Castle through Pet Pyjamas concierge – and they had sent a welcome pack for Darcy. Treats, toys and travel bowl.

Are we happy? Yes!

We now just need to be sure we can find our way back to Dublin.

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