Victims of War

Before we left for Ireland, we went to pay our respects at the Animals in War monument.

It is a monument for the animals that served and died alongside British Armed Forces in all the wars.  They have been used as messengers, for detection, scouting and rescue. In the earlier wars, they have been used as beasts of burdens and in the frontline. They must have been so frightened but all the chaos and the loud sounds.  Today, animals continue to be used detect explosives in the battlefields.

IMG_8048It is said that in human conflicts, animals are the victims.
We couldn’t find any purple poppies, so we wore the red poppies – to remember all those lives that were lost in the terrible wars.  IMG_8061And paused for a moment of silence in the midst of London traffic.



  1. Denise.Scott

    Oh Darcy you are such a good girl – and so….lucky to go to Ireland
    however, I bet you did not like the ferry crossing – you looked very sad
    in that cage ( however I have a cage exactly the same in mums kitchen and her car – that is why she wants to get one of those nice Dog Bags for me) – I did hear her muttering something along the lines that ” She wish she could swap me for a good girl like you!!” … I dont understand the word swap.. Do you

    Love Oakley XX

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Oakley, don’t you worry. Your Mummy will NEVER swap you and my Mummy would kung-fu fight off anyone who would even consider swapping me!!! 🙂

  2. Otto Carroll

    Thanks for the pictures

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