A Saturday afternoon’s work

After lunch at Bellanger in Islington Green, we went to attend the consultation sessions at Design Junction.

Mummy was there to give advice to hoomans in need of improving their homes.
img_6160I sat and listened to what she had to say. There were so many different types of people she spoke to, it seems hoomans are always looking to make the places where they live better.

After all that lying around on the floor, I needed a chair to sit onimg_6158The staff at the Houzz unit were so happy to see me. They remembered me from last year when we went to an event at Spitalfields!img_6165May’s comment: An afternoon spent at Houzz’s tent for design consultation at Design Junction.  I met all sorts of people. There was a youngish couple who had bought a house in East London and looking to renovate with extensions and how not to make it like another home. Yes! Exciting venture.  I suggested to reinstate some of the period features that have been completely removed by previous owners but to still keep it modern – a picture of juxtaposition.

Then unexpectedly, the next person who I saw was not a demographic I had thought to encounter. An engineer in his late 50’s, maybe early 60’s. He lives alone in a two bedroom near Camden. He told me he knows he is set in his ways, that he had he tried to make changes, but he could not get very far. He realised he needed to bring in someone who is a professional in their field to help him change the home he had lived in for 35 years on his own!  I know I am suppose to focus on the process of helping him improve his current home but couldn’t help the thinking about the story behind this man.

And there was a lesbian couple. They needed help with their kitchen – reorganising their appliances and making dead spaces work. And their windowless bathroom. It was so glaringly obvious to me and when I told them what to do, they looked at each other and said, I guess we never thought to move the table the other way around.

I guess what is obvious to me is not to them. Like the engineer said, “I know how certain things work because I am an engineer.  But I have no idea how to re-do my home. I don’t even know where to start. That much I know about myself.”  I will never get finance and I am technically inept. We all have our parts to play in this big world.

As for Miss D., she was fussed over by the Houzz’s staff. She sat by my feet at each consultation and even fell asleep at the feet of some. I could not bring George as well so he went shopping with our neighbour. When we all arrived home at the same time, he was mad at Darcy – for having me to herself. Very funny to watch. He was really mad. Barked at her and bit Darcy’s ear.

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