It was a doggone doggy day in North East London!

We never usually venture too far east from where we live in London, nor north for that matter. But Mummy had an appointment in Islington yesterday, and we had heard there’s a dog-friendly restaurant out that way.

We arrived at Bellanger and what do we see?  A familiar looking dog sitting outside of the restaurant.img_6118It’s 10-month old Ziggy. He kept sniffing my private parts so I barked at her. img_6119But she was super excited to see me because her owners kept saying, “Look at yourself!” I didn’t think so. LOL!

But did it mean that dogs have to sit outside this “dog-friendly” restaurant? Not at all!  We walked up to the maitre’d to ask if we can be seated inside and he asked Mummy, “Is that Darcy?

It turned out that he has a cockapoo called Samson and he follows us on Instagram and our blog! He said we could sit wherever we wanted to in the front of the restaurant.  We had a few tables to choose from but the two ladies in this photo called us over and asked if we would sit next to them!img_6131Their shih-tzu died three months earlier and they missed him so much.img_6146They just wanted to have me next to them.

But the waitress brought some bread which totally distracted me from them.img_6127 And they brought something even better!img_6138 The maitre’d gave it to me and I nibbled away at it.img_6121 It was time for Mummy to order lunch and we had a look at the menu.img_6133Bellanger is a traditional French restaurant – and they had things like Croque Monsieur and Confit of Duck. But Mummy chose Grilled Chicken Paillard with verjus dressing instead – and no vino as we had to go to work after this.img_6134She made it up with a dessert though. img_6147Naughty! Naughty! So much for the diet.

And I got a doggy bag of Bellanger biscuits to take home.img_6148Time to leave and get going with the day!img_6152May’s comment:   It was one of those dog-happy days. Everyone we met form the time we arrived at the restaurant, the staff, the cab drivers were all so positive about dogs. But this exceptional day did not just end there. As we got in a cab to go to the Design Junction event at Granary Square, the cab driver said, “What a beautiful dog? Is it a cockapoo?

At Design Junction, we were fussed over by the staff at Houzz (more later- see next posting) and then again on the way home, the cab-criver asked, “Is that a cockapoo? My sister has one. They are clever dogs.

So while we were all the way in NE London, we found a dog-friendly restaurant to go to. Bellanger is a traditional French restaurant inspired by the original Alsatian brasseries of Paris – glossy, grand cafe-style surroundings. img_6149Located at 9 Islington Green, London N1 2XHimg_6130It is a part of the Corbin King restaurant group. Colbert at Sloane Square is a part of the group and we’ve been there. Still trying to find out which others are also dog friendly.

Bellanger has been added to our Wine & Dine page.

P.s. The two ladies at the next table invited us to visit Church Street in Stoke Newington. We’ll have to go!


  1. Daniel Hall

    I was motivated to write this after seeing the food photos. Huge portions compared to most places in NYC! Looks great. I hope it was great tasting. You are sure fortunate to have so many pet-friendly restaurants, of all types, in London. Have a nice trip with George. Darcy going to House of Mutt?

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    We’ll Miss D what a great day out! Worth venturing away from your home turf. Have a wonderful time at House of Mutt, and I hope Mummy and Georgie have a great time in Majorca.

  3. Margaret Danks

    You are quite the little star MissD, and You bring smiles to peoples faces wherever you go.

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