A season of hope

Every time we go to Liberty London, we are filled with hope – …

that some day hoomans everywhere will let us into their world like they do.

In this beautiful department store –
We are allowed everywhere

There Mum likes coming to this Blink Brow Bar – because she likes the Liberty fabric covered chairs! LOL!

This is Seb who works on the ground floor – his pooch is called Dusty. He takes care of me when I’m bothered with other dogs coming into “my territory” when Mum is busy.

Next stop: the Margaret Dabbs Spa

Nadia loves doggies!

And then for a pick-me-up at Arthur’s Cafe

OK, I have to wait to be seated.

Mum had the Arthur’s carrot cake
Ah, nothing for me.

Of course we had to go to the Christmas Shop –

Where I met a Polar Bear

May’s comment: Every time I take my pooched to Liberty London I feel so liberated because I never have to feel as if I am breaking any rules or get looks from any of the staff. If anyone looks at us, it’s because they love dogs. We can go everywhere in the store. There’s no need to carry them anywhere.

Because of that, it makes London Liberty a one stop shop – even though it is a trek to get to Regent Street.

In the past year we have a few more department stores that allow dogs – the biggest change has been John Lewis following suit after Peter Jones changed their policy the year before. And we discovered that in the last few years, Fortnum & Mason had started allowing dogs that can be carried into the store. Even then most of them have certain restrictions – we are not allowed in the food areas. Fenwick’s is about the only other department store that lets us into every department.


  1. Linda Strallen

    Wonderful Darcy! Coco and her boyfriend Curly love Liberty!

  2. Cheryl

    I’m jealous! There are so many shops and restaurants in London that allow dogs. Here in the states there are very few that allow dogs, it’s very frustrating!

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