A single plea: “Please let Izzy go home to her family”

Dear God, Doggy Guardian Angels, the Universe …

Tonight, many of us are coming to you with a wish in our hearts and a prayer on our lips.

I am sure you know that Izzy has been missing since early this year. And her family has been missing her a great deal.

We do not understand why she has not come home yet and we do not know where she is.

We believe she is out there somewhere and someone has her.

Her family has tried and tried and tried to spread the word about Izzy being missing but there has been no news.

Even in today’s world, sometimes social media doesn’t get to everyone.  And we think maybe whoever has Izzy may not be on social media.

We would like to think that they don’t know that Izzy belongs to a family who loves her very much and they would like her home.

If that is the case, we pray that someone somewhere who knows about Izzy’s family plight will meet Izzy soon and tell the person all about a heartbroken family. And they will get in touch and get Izzy home.

But there’s also the likelihood that someone has Izzy and knows she does belong to a family but decided to keep Izzy for themselves.

In this instance, we pray with all our might and all our souls that the person will wake up tomorrow and will have a change of heart.  That your Spirit will move the person to have compassion for Izzy’s family. That they will let Izzy go home to where she belongs.

In the meantime, please Doggy Guardian Angels take care of Izzy and keep her safe. Please let her know that there are a lot of humans and doggies who have been shedding tears of sadness and broken-hearted for her family.  Many of us pray everyday that she is safe and she will come home soon. We have not given up and we will keep thinking of her every day she’s still missing.

Collectively, tonight many of us are lighting a candle of hope … IMG_3780praying from around the world, IMG_3784… asking for your mercy and a miracle – please let Izzy go home to where she belongs – with her family

May’s comment: AMEN!


Sometimes we just have to go back to basics.  If you believe in prayer – please join us in sending our wishes heavenward!

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  1. wendy

    just can’t imagine what it must be like. We all love our doggies so much and try and protect them. Good luck to Izzy’s fam xxxx

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