Prayers for Izzy and family

Sometimes when we try and we try and try again but nothing happens, we remember there’s one more thing we can do. Pray.

We’ve been following the heartache of Izzy’s family since she was lost on the 16 February, 2015 near Radcliffe, Manchester. They have never given up hope and they still believe one day Izzy will come home to them.  They and the hundreds and hundreds of us who still await the day when whoever has Izzy decides to let her go home.

We don’t know where she is. We don’t know who might have her.

And some of us think whoever has her may not be social media savvy.  They either don’t know that Izzy belongs to a family, or if they do, and they don’t care.  Sometimes social media doesn’t get to everyone. But one thing does – the power of prayer.

If we can all pray, wherever you are, that whoever has Izzy may learn that she is lost and the family is waiting for her return, or whoever has Izzy deliberately may have a change of heart and let Izzy go home.  Prayer need no apps and internet or any IT device. Prayer can reach the farthest ends of the earth – and Izzy is not so far away.

So tonight at 21.00 GMT all of us who believe in prayer will say our own prayers for Izzy and her family and light a candle for Izzy.  If you want to post on Find Izzy‘s Facebook page with your candle and prayer support. 12105766_1505946389716654_4464806679070325856_n




  1. Cecilia

    I’ll pray for Izzy!

  2. margaret danks

    I will too 🙂

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