A transformation about to happen …

Time to go return to the real world.

Thank you House of Mutt for a fabulous ten days of being DAWG!

But now I have to bid adieu …

Till the next time. OK. Guess I better get going.

Mum and George will be waiting for me. Wonder what they’ve been up to.

Hi MUM!!!!

Things seem different …

Where’s George?

At the other flat? What do you mean?

We went to the other flat to get George and of course, Mum sent us to Love My Human to wash the countryside out of me. LOL!

Hello! Hello!

We’re back!

And I am back to being the City Girl.

That night after our grooming, we didn’t go “home”. We went to this other flat. Not quite sure what was happening. And as Mum busied herself with moving things, George and I snuggled up – glad that we are at least together regardless of whatever all this means.

May’s comment: Been out of sight the last few days as the flat finally became almost habitable in the last week. And yesterday was the deadline for me to be out of the old flat and into the new one.

When Darcy arrived home, she went into every room to check out the place, maybe even wondering where was George. I had left him in the new flat while I busied with things in the old one and waited for Darcy to return home. I took her over to see George in the new flat – and after an excited greeting, she went and found the toy basket and picked out her Teddy. I didn’t have my phone to capture it. You can imagine how sweet that was.

They were definitely a little unsure why we were in a new place, sleeping in the new flat. But they both took comfort in being with each other. Sweet.

More about the new flat when the all the furniture have arrived. But it feels good – it feels like home already.

Love Darcy’s report card from House of Mutt.


  1. Alison Wood

    Hope the move has gone well. Loved seeing how sensible Darcy was when she picked up her lead which seemed to just be getting in the way of her inspections.

  2. Marta Olds

    What a great reunion. Look forward to scenes from the new flat

  3. Laura Cordovano

    What an undertaking May! So excited for you to begin this new journey. Xo

  4. Cheryl

    Darcy certainly loves the countryside, but loves coming home!
    Anxious to see the new flat!
    Continued wishes for a smooth move.

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