Did we break a world record?

Today we celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day. And the excitement of the day?

We joined 101 dogs to break the Guinness World Record of 100 dogs yesterday to all sit simultaneously for 30 seconds.

This was at the Television Centre in White City.

Freddie and I were so excited to be a part of this – we arrived early at the Television Centre in White City.

We wanted to practice our waving at the camera.

Soon Bella came to join us,

And we met a new friend – a very fluffy cavapoo.

Bella, Freddie, me and a new friend.

And then some familiar faces.

Little Lilliput joined us – along with Skylar, Fffy, Toffy, Belinha, etc. etc. – so many familiar faces.

Before they could officially start, we had to sign in so that way they could count the number of dogs in attendance for the challenge.

And then we had to file in one by one.

And here we go – on the Lorraine show!

The Countdown … for attempt number 2!

So did we break the record?

Well, not quite. There were 13 dogs that refused to sit – and so we came short of the 100+. Regardless, we had fun.

We thanked the lady from the Guinness World of Records – and told her maybe one day we could do an All Doodle challenge.

Well, I guess we better get on with going to work to make it truly BRING YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY!

May’s comment: That was fun. It was a challenge set up by Bring Your Dog to Work Day – working with Lorraine from the ITV Show.

Well, we didn’t break the record. We must try again. Next stop – Office Pop Up.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day was founded in 2014 and organised by HOWND.


  1. Sue Westhead

    Oh I saw this and wondered if Miss Darcy was there!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Oh I know Darcy and her gang were cooperating!

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