A very tired Gunner

Georgie wishes he could run and run like those Arsenal players on the football pitch.  And you know what? Speedy Gonzalez Georgie can run faster than any of them.  The only problem is he doesn’t like balls. Especially one that is bigger than him!!!

Just dreaming of it had tired him out!

IMG_6417But he got up in time to celebrate the win! FA Cup winners!
IMG_6416Mummy, why were they not wearing the colours of Georgie’s scarf?  My winning team wore blue last weekend – as they should!

P.S. Yes I am the Chelsea girl and Georgie decided to have his own team.  Problem is we’re wearing each other colours rest of the time. My collar is red and his is blue. Maybe we should swap teams.

May’s comments: We know how to pick winners!!!!  No parade, Georgie – it’s a bit too far to go.

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