Saturday, Sunshine, Happiness

We were out on our walk/run in the park yesterday …IMG_6347IMG_6350Fetching sticksIMG_6371Running happilyIMG_6375We surveyed the landIMG_6346And spotted a dog convention of sortsIMG_6356We went to check them out, but Georgie and I watched them from a distance – we didn’t know any of themIMG_6354Then we went to our favourite squirrel hunting patch while Mummy took a breakIMG_6367We both sat watching, waiting for those squirrels to descend from the treesIMG_6392When a familiar face …IMG_6369Came running towards us!IMG_6370Hello Mr. Charles!!!!IMG_6385How have you been? We missed you!IMG_6377He’s staying with Praewa and Arsh this week, and so happened Arsh brought him to the park for a walkIMG_6388We’re altogether again!!! Hooray!IMG_6379May’s comment: Another happy day!!!

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  1. bev

    Adorable xxx

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