A week later …

When the Tykes are in town, we go with the flow …

It was quite cool when they arrived a little more than a week ago.

And because they were jet lagged, we were off to an early start.

But we had a mission – Sunday Roast at Thomas Cubitt!

At Thomas Cubitt

Little Tyke had forgotten what a Sunday Roast was until he saw it being served and he was soon into this Yorkshire Pudding.

And Mum showed them all her favourite places …

At Maitre Choux

And the Tykes enjoyed it …

And Mini Tyke learnt to drink tea – the proper way.

We stopped to check out the bookstore

At Waterstones

We really had to go with the flow …

Mum found a lot of places that we could go with them,

At OKA on Kings Road

And for that Peking Duck

At Duck and Rice

They were entertained at Covent Garden

Watching a juggler

While Mum was busy photographing

We found interesting displays for Pride London

And of course Mum took them to something that is about dogs

And got them t-shirts

Mum has been “converting” them since they were little babes.

And Little Tyke made an appearance at our Hyde Park Doodle meet …

And we had Afternoon Tea with Dylan.

At The Milestone Hotel

But it wasn’t to be taken for granted that we went everywhere with the Tykes. Sometimes we stayed home while Little Tyke went with Mum.

And it wasn’t all out and about. At home, we got to play dress up.

And also quiet times watching Netflix with the kiddies.

Ten days later …

We have survived!

May’s comment: The best of times.


  1. Julie

    Gosh those little tykes aren’t so little any more! Lovely children xx

  2. Kathy shoulders

    They are just beautiful children! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Norma

    Yes may they are beautiful children and because of you they appreciate and love dogs

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