A weekend with Chocolate Poos!

It was a busy weekend with Barnaby and his sister Coco. I came back to London from House of Mutt, waited for Coco.  As soon as she did, we were off –– for a walk in Hyde Park.It was a long day for me and Coco, and we had a quiet night – 

But came Saturday morning, Coco’s dad arrived and there was quite a calamity!!!!

Coco cried with joy, Barnaby bounced around and I joined in making my little “ark! ark!” sounds.

And then the weekend began! We soon headed out for lunch at Mews of MayfairMum has brought us here before … And then we were off shopping –At Burberry

At Gucci – me charming everyone …
Even stopping in at Victoria Secret After all that shopping, we had to stop for a rest –  and pooches – at The Hari Hotel
Saturday evening was all play at home. I maybe small but I tried to keep up with the big poos!!

May’s comment: Thank you Julie and Barnaby for having George for the weekend. So glad Rob and Loejse were there to help out!

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