Saturday market and beach day!

Saturday morning means it’s time to go the market.After the market, we headed off to the beach. But as there has been a recent oil spill disaster in Corsica back on 7th October – the oils has drifted to the southern coast of France, particularly near St. Tropez. So we had to find a beach that is clear of the spills.Beautiful views of the Porquerolles islands!

When we arrived at the beach, the sea was calm and I made a beeline for the water – and that’s when Yaena discovered how much of a sea dog I have become! I bathed and then rolled. And did it over and over again!

We stopped for lunch and I showed my lunch time face on Yaena’s lap …Anything for me?

Another beach walk after lunch – more post lunch frolicking – sea and sand and sea and sand!

After all that – our post lunch and playtime snooze

May’s comment: Ahhhh, it’s that same dog that I once knew! LOL!

She is now entering the water till her chest is submerged. And she loves her rolling on the sand.

And that face under the table! Same dog – having a good time!

Darcy and Marley have been getting along really well. And behaving very much a proper

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Darcy and Marley’s coats blend so well together! They look beautiful together in any pose!

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