London Fashion Week eh? Okay, let’s do it!

We are never short of things to do on weekends. The doggy social calendar is full these days …especially during London Fashion Week.

On Saturday, someone asked if we would attend a meet and greet photo shoot but we stopped along the way at the London Fashion Week venue – to strut out stuff.
We walked along to Somerset House …
Hello Rebel!
George was delighted to see Rebel!
Hugs all around!
And look at beautiful Bella!
What a lovely group!
We were really to strike a pose!

After a brief photoshoot, we left for our next event in Islington at The Blacksmith and The Toffee Maker!

We were just a tad early – so hung out till the event was open.
This is a Valentine’s event – LOVE HOUNDS to raise funds for the rescue dogs of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue and Cinque Port Rescue.
Jaffa being flirty!
There were lots of vendors there showing their wares
We immediately went to By Benji for some Biltong!
And checked out the Growlees tags!
We stopped to speak to Caroline from Growlees
And met Frida!
Fred’s got yet another new lead from Growlmama!
I checked out Oonalfie leads and collars! Very chic!
But I could smell the treats in a jar hidden behind the counter!
And Scout’s Honour badges – Freddie has almost all of them!!!
By the time we left, the place was jam packed with doggies!!!!

Next stop? – Chelsea…

We left Islington and headed back to Chelsea. Mum had heard that there’s a gathering of dogs at The Phene – and suggested to Belinda we could go there for lunch before the meet-up.

We were having a quiet time after all that activity when at 2pm,
In streamed lots and lots of dogs for the Two Terrier Social!

These are the two pups responsible for this gathering –

And Freddie – the two terriers!
And we met up with Bob and Reg!

Right when we thought there were just terriers, others kept streaming in through the door!

Meet Earnie, a cavachonpoo – he’s definitely coming to our Hyde Park Meet!
Toffy meeting Earnie
And Hardy, the Schnoodle. He’s coming too!
Alas, there’s Hemingway.
I even hung out with the sausage dogs!
I went where they gave me its of treats! LOL!
Hing out with Freddie and Toffy!
Fluffy! No, that’s not its name but sure is fluffy!
A Scottie!

And it wasn’t just small doggies …

We spilled out into the garden!

Now, that was so much fun and we met so many lovely fur-friends.

So, what next?

Mum suggested we headed on over to Matcha and Beyond for a quiet cuppa Matcha and some Green Velvet – something for the hoomans.

We walked into Matcha and Beyond and there we met Gallop the Whippet and Ash – the Maltipoo.

Saturday must be a day when all the hoomans and doggies are out and about!
And of course we invited Ash to our Hyde Park Meet! There will be so many new and familiar faces next Sunday!
And Matcha has dog treats too!

May’s comment: 

How London has changed! These days we are never short of things to do with our doggies in London – if we choose to, especially on weekends.

This weekend, we started off with doing one thing which led to another and another. We met so many new friends and old ones too. Such a fab community!

The best discovery was the Two Terriers Social – we’ve had several invitations in the past but had never managed to attend, and also wondered how we fitted in with the Terriers. But this event was so close to us, we thought we’d drop in and were nicely surprised to find so many breeds represented! It was such a lovely gathering of dog owners who just wanted to socialise with like-minded people on a Saturday afternoon.

We are looking forward to the next gathering – Dogs in the City Brunch on the 24th March.

It really was a full-on doggy day. How fab it is that the dog community has grown so much in the city.


  1. Maureen Dell

    What beautiful pics, your diary sure was jam packed. Do you maybe know where Fred’s jacket is from, he looks gorgeous showing off his new lead.

  2. Maureen Dell

    Thank you May. Have a great Sunday 🐾

  3. Julie mcevilly

    Wondering how much of this dog friendliness in London is down to you Darcy and your hooman mummy? Love Julie & Bailey xx

    • Miss Darcy

      We can’t take credit for it but we definitely were ahead of the game when we started off almost eight years ago when it wasn’t a trend. I’m glad that people picked up on it plus it is a definite shift in attitude these days. Dog owners in London very much treat their dogs as part of the family.

  4. Ian Harrison

    What a wonderful life are had by those London doggies! Archie up here in Manchester is green with envy!

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